The organic eggs are scarce at Easter

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Healthy, colorful Easter eggs: organic eggs remain extremely popular

In the week before Easter, around twice as many eggs are bought in Germany as normal, reports the agricultural market information society. The last dioxin scandal is apparently still very present to consumers. Organic eggs continue to enjoy great popularity and the first supply shortages are imminent.

"Organic eggs are scarce in many places," explained Carola Ketelhodt, managing director of the Bioland growing association in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In addition to the eggs from an ecological keeping, the ready-painted eggs from industrial companies for Easter are relatively popular. The problem with this: Many of the colored eggs come from abroad, where the rules for keeping chickens are far less stringent.

Dioxin scandal leaves its mark - organic eggs particularly popular The dioxin scandal at the end of last year has apparently left a noticeable impression on consumers to this day. The share of organic eggs in the sale is also unusually high just before Easter. At the moment, “organic eggs (…) are about 25 percent better” than eggs from industrial companies, Edeka spokeswoman Marion Grundmann told the “Ostseezeitung”. However, due to the increased demand, the suppliers are "reaching their limits, so that delivery failures of the organic eggs can currently be expected", added the Edeka spokeswoman. Apparently, the capacities of the organic industry have not been sufficient to meet existing needs in the high season before Easter. The demand for organic eggs, which has increased dramatically since the end of last year, has so far not been met by sufficient producers.

Healthy staple food Despite the dioxin scandal, most consumers do not want to do without eggs, also because they contain a variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins. Eggs are a staple food in this country with numerous positive health properties. Chicken egg protein can be used particularly well by the human organism and used to build up its own proteins. In addition, an average chicken egg contains more than four grams of mono- or polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also contains the minerals calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc as well as all vitamins except vitamin C. Eggs also have a relatively high lipid and cholesterol content. To list all the positive health properties of the different ingredients here would simply go beyond the scope. However, it should be pointed out that consuming eggs is not only advantageous. Especially people who have problems with their cholesterol levels should only consume eggs in moderation at Easter. (fp)

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