Budding doctor worked as a pimp?

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Budding doctor worked as a pimp?

Serious allegations are made against a 30-year-old medical student. According to the police, the budding doctor is said to have been guilty of coercion, extortion, rape and predatory extortion. The accused faces high prison terms.

Yesterday morning, the Cologne police arrested a 30-year-old aspiring doctor in his apartment. The accused is said to have been guilty of pimping. Only in the last week had the man passed his written state examination in medicine at the University of Bonn. According to the Kripo, police have been investigating the detainee since October last year. Together with other business partners, the man runs the prestigious Cologne “Mediapark” discotheque.

Former girlfriend filed a complaint
The arrest came because a woman who is now 22 years old has filed a criminal complaint against the man. The young woman testified that from April 2008 to May 2009 the doctor, under the threat of violence, compelled her to "buy" him in different brothels. Initially, she only carried out this activity on weekends, since she studied in Düsseldorf herself. At the insistence of the perpetrator, she finally broke off her studies in order to continue working for other days. During the survey, the woman stated that she had to hand over all the income to the accused. At that time, both were in a love affair. Only if she went to buy would he continue the relationship, the woman said in the questioning.

In 2009 the detainee took his girlfriend to a so-called "noble brothel" in Switzerland. Again the woman should go here to buy for the man. Now the detainee has demanded that his victim should earn at least 1000 euros a day. If this sum could not be worked out, the student is said to have hit his victim several times. In one case, he is said to have choked the young woman until she passed out. Finally, the woman ended the relationship in 2009 and separated from her partner. It was only in 2010 that the woman dared to file a complaint with the police.

Another victim was identified
During the months of police investigations, a large victim was found. Here, too, the mesh was said to be similar, as the police reported. In October 2008, the man also tried to persuade a 26-year-old woman to prostitute. The offense was almost identical to the former case. At first, both entered into a relationship. When the woman fell in love with the man, the accused made the relationship dependent on the partner's prostitution for him. In addition, the medical student is said to have committed sexual acts against the will of the woman and exercised massive violence in the rooms of the discotheque during the relationship. This former girlfriend also filed a criminal complaint

Several years imprisonment if convicted
The man will remain in custody until further notice. He now has to answer to court for rape, predatory extortion, deprivation of liberty and assault. The accused may face up to ten years in prison if convicted. Whether the man can then continue his medical studies remains more than questionable. (pm)

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