Belgian sliced ​​cheese loaded with listeria

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Recall for Belgian sliced ​​cheese for contained listeria

Because of the contained listeria, a recall campaign for Belgian sliced ​​cheese of the brand "Nazareth Classik" was started by the manufacturer Belgomilk CVBA. Listeria can trigger the highly contagious infectious disease listeriosis.

The Belgian producer Belgomilk CVBA has verified increased listeria values ​​in the "Nazareth Classik" sliced ​​cheese during self-checks and warned consumers against eating it. A corresponding recall campaign was initiated, the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Consumer Protection announced on Saturday.

Sliced ​​cheese recalled due to Listeria contamination The "Nazareth Classik" sliced ​​cheese with the best before date of April 15, 2011 and the batches 0520018301 and 0520018302 were affected by the Listeria contamination, the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Consumer Protection said. The relevant batches were therefore recalled from the market. Sliced ​​cheese contaminated with listeria had been sold in small quantities through several HIT stores across Germany until March 21. According to the Belgian manufacturer's warning, the cheese was immediately put on sale in the HIT markets, the Ministry of Consumer Protection said. However, those who bought “Nazareth Classik” loosely at the cheese counters or packaged from the refrigerated shelf before March 21 should not eat it, warned the Ministry.

Listerias cause listeriosis The infectious disease listeriosis caused by Listerias mostly affects people with weakened immune systems, old people, pregnant women and their unborn children and newborns. The clinical picture - depending on which organs are affected - is extremely different. Diarrhea and abdominal pain are often the first signs of infection. In the further course of the disease, however, inflammation of the brain / meninges and, in the case of listeriosis diseases of pregnant women, miscarriages, death of the fetus or severe newborn infections (septicemia) can occur. In addition, local wound infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea are possible consequences of listeriosis. The disease can be treated relatively successfully with antibiotics, but the diagnosis is often delayed due to the non-specific symptoms of the disease. (fp)

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