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Seminar tip Iris diagnosis: The iris as a mirror of the process of illness and healing

Today, a 10-month course in iris diagnosis begins at the Academy for Vocational Training for Alternative Practitioners (ABfH) in Berlin. Iris diagnosis has been carried out by the Hungarian doctor Dr. Ignaz von Péczély has become one of the most important holistic diagnostic procedures in modern naturopathy. On the basis of signs, structures, pigmentations and biodynamic information relevant to eye diagnostics, the course participants learn how signs of illness, causes and courses can be recognized at an early stage in order to counteract them therapeutically if necessary.

The iris diagnosis thus enables disorders to be recognized even before the findings relevant to conventional medicine have been diagnosed in the patient. An individually tailored therapy can prevent or at least delay undesirable developments such as precancerous diseases or autoimmune processes.

In addition to prevention, with iris diagnosis we have an important tool for monitoring the progress of the therapeutic process. In this way, both the patient and the practitioner have an objective control of success and thus the therapeutically traveled "distance" can be read in an unadulterated manner.

In the intensive course, the course participants learn how to use modern iris microscopes at an early stage and thus quickly gain routine in using the device. The participants' irises are recorded with a digital camera and evaluated with special software. In this way, the individual learning steps can always be understood and deepened in the living eye. Further information on the Iris Diagnosis Seminar can be found here. A completed alternative practitioner training is a prerequisite for participation. (pm)

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