Pensioners live longer and longer

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Life counseling rises sharply: Pensioners live longer in Germany

Pensioners in Germany are living longer and longer, reports the Federal Institute for Population Research in Wiesbaden. As a result, pensioners can enjoy retirement longer on average than ever before. In the past 12 years, there has been a significant increase in life time of around two years.

Life expectancy rose sharply
The demographic change in Germany continues. People are getting older and can therefore enjoy their time as retirees for significantly longer. General life expectancy has increased continuously over the past ten to twelve years. There have never been so many retired people as there are now. If a woman with 65 years of age reaches retirement age today, she lives on average for another 20 years. In contrast, life expectancy is slightly lower for men. According to the Wiesbaden Institute, men aged 65 and over still live a good 17 more years. Those who have reached retirement age can live to be over 80 on average.

In the new federal states in particular, general life expectancy among pensioners has increased significantly. Retired men in East Germany live an average of another 16.8 years from the age of 65. In 1998 it was around two years less for men. Women also live much longer than they did twelve years ago. If East German women lived another 18.5 years at the beginning of the retirement age, it is now over 20 years (20.2). Life expectancy is somewhat higher in western Germany. Women aged 65 and over can look forward to an average of 20.6 more years of life. After all, the men make it to 17.3 years.

Only slight east-west differences, according to the Federal Statistical Institute for Population Research, the differences between the new and old federal states are increasingly disappearing. People in the eastern countries were also able to significantly extend their lifespans. That applies equally to women and men. The most common causes of death are still cardiovascular diseases (e.g. heart attack or stroke) and cancer.

Medical progress and healthy lifestyle
The triggers for the visible increase are primarily new medical developments in science, which are designing and developing ever more effective therapies. In addition, many people are living more and more consciously, doing more sport and eating healthier. An appropriate lifestyle can demonstrably extend the lifespan significantly. Due to the demographic change in the population, higher and higher costs in the health and care system will have to be managed in the future. Overall, health costs will increase significantly in the future. (sb)

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