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Pain and palliative day: hardly any care for patients with chronic pain

The German Society for Pain Therapy (DGS) believes that chronic pain is an independent clinical picture. According to DGS President Gerhard Müller-Schwefe, more than 13 million people (around 17 percent of the population) suffer from chronic pain throughout Germany. To date, however, the treatment is often inadequate. Especially in children, there is "real undersupply".

At the German Pain and Palliative Day 2011 in Frankfurt am Main yesterday, the German Society for Pain Therapy presented the relatively widespread problem of chronic pain and called for the introduction of appropriate specialist training. On Thursday, all those affected were able to find out more about chronic pain using a free hotline.

Deficits in the treatment of chronic pain The experts were on the free hotline on pain disorders (0800 - 533 22 11). med. Norbert Schürmann, Dr. Carlo Pelzer and Dr. Volker Strick will be available this Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The specialists in the fields of anesthesiology, special pain therapy, palliative medicine and intensive care answered all questions about chronic pain and possible therapies. According to the German Society for Pain Therapy, however, many doctors are not or only insufficiently qualified to treat patients with chronic pain appropriately due to a lack of knowledge and poor fees. In order to do justice to the individual health problems of the pain patients, the contents of the teaching in the universities have to be adapted and special specialist training is required, emphasized the President of the DGS, Gerhard Müller-Schwefe.

Specialist training for the treatment of chronic pain By introducing a new specialist area, the lack of information among doctors can be remedied and patients can be offered more promising treatment at the same time, so the hope of the DGS President. For those affected, this is a very desirable prospect, because chronic pain not only significantly affects the quality of life, but also puts a massive strain on the psyche of those affected. According to Müller-Schwefe, not only are patients with serious diseases such as Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis affected, but chronic pain can have numerous, often undetected causes. The previous therapy approaches, however, are often rather one-sided and cannot help those affected, the DGS President judged. According to Müller-Schwefe, successful treatment approaches can only take place when the pain is no longer regarded as a symptom but as an independent disease. The expert emphasized that this fact would be taken into account by setting up special specialist training.

Little help for children with chronic pain
Children with chronic pain find little help in this country. Instead of minimizing pain in childhood, it should be treated properly, the pain expert Pothmann warns. "Children suffering from chronic pain are catastrophically underserved in Germany," said pain medic Dr. Raymund Pothmann from the Hamburg Center for Integrative Child Pain Therapy and Palliative Medicine on Thursday at the German Pain and Palliative Day in Frankfurt am Main. Childhood complaints are ignored According to the experts, the chronic courses in children are increasing steadily. According to the medical expert, around 200,000 children suffer from chronic pain. Often the children suffer from recurring migraine attacks and every second child complains of elementary school age complains of headache or tension headache.

Pain therapies in naturopathy While many sufferers of chronic pain use painkillers more and more and thus expose themselves to further health risks, the DGS President believes that the causes of the pain should be looked for. Pain therapies can also help patients. In naturopathy, pain therapies include, for example, homeopathic approaches, magnetic field therapies, neural therapies, biofeedback or acupuncture (as an approach of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM). Detoxification and deacidification therapies as well as special relaxation methods are used in naturopathic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of those affected. In addition, therapies on a psychological level can be helpful for chronic pain, since the cause of the pain does not always have to be physical suffering. (sb, fp)

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