Anti-nuclear movement calls for large-scale demonstrations

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Anti-nuclear movement calls for large-scale demonstrations on March 26 in four cities: The motto: "Fukushima warns: Shut down all nuclear power plants!"

Since the nuclear disaster in Japan, the protest against the continued operation of the nuclear facilities in Germany has increased daily. Vigils of the anti-nuclear movement took place in over 700 locations on Monday. A lot of people are now taking to the streets and demonstrating for the nuclear phase-out. They believe neither the government's attempts to appease them nor their helpless explanations of a "new situation". The broad anti-nuclear alliance explains: "The dangers of nuclear power have been known for a long time. We do not need a moratorium now, what we need is the permanent shutdown of all nuclear power plants."

For March 26, anti-nuclear initiatives, environmental associations, globalization-critical and peace-political organizations are calling for four central major demonstrations across Germany. Preparations are in full swing. In Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, rallies are being held at the same time under the motto "Fukushima warns: switch off all nuclear power plants!" occur. Many social groups support, mobilize and will participate: trade unions, citizens' initiatives, churches, representatives of local authorities and political parties. And tens of thousands from all over Germany are now planning to come to these four cities on March 26th.

Numerous artists spontaneously agreed to perform at the rallies. Among others there are: In Hamburg the music band "Die Sterne" and the cabaret artist duo "Alma Hoppe". The cabaret artist Urban Priol and the band "The Notwist" appear in Munich. The musicians from "Klee", Wolf Maahn, Klaus the violinist and orchestra and the cabaret artist Wilfried Schmickler have agreed to attend Cologne. And in Berlin there are "Mono and Nikitaman", the songwriter "Dota, the change princess" and the Berlin band "We are heroes".

The anti-nuclear alliance calls on the population nationwide to go to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich on March 26: "Together with these central demonstrations we are saying loudly and unambiguously: We are calling for the shutdown of all nuclear power plants now!" More information on the four major demonstrations on March 26: (pm)

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