Cyberbullying is an increasing threat worldwide

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Cyberbullying is an increasing threat worldwide

The Internet and new media have become increasingly important in recent years. Applications such as social networks or the mobile Internet are particularly attractive for young people and have since shaped their everyday lives. In addition to the multitude of opportunities and opportunities that new media offer, they also harbor risks and dangers.

One of these threats, which has become the focus of public attention in recent years, is cyberbullying. This is a new form of bullying, which is carried out via new media such as email, instant messages, chat rooms or mobile phones. Although research on cyberbullying is still at a relatively early stage, there are now a number of studies that shed light on various aspects of this phenomenon. The research results available so far are not entirely conclusive, and some of the findings even seem to contradict each other. Nevertheless, the picture that research into cyberbullying is beginning to take shape.

The book “Cyberbullying - A cross-national comparison” published by Joaquín A. Mora-Merchan & Thomas Jäger illuminates the cyberbullying problem from an international perspective. In the 19 chapters of the book, leading cyberbullying researchers from the respective countries outline research results on the topic from Germany, France, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries, Australia, the United States and Japan. The book is aimed at scientists, teachers, trainers, youth welfare staff and others who want to deepen their knowledge of this still young but very vital field of research.

The book “Cyberbullying - A cross-national comparison” results, among other things, from the “CyberTraining” project funded within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program of the European Union, a joint project by experts from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria Switzerland and Norway. The e-book "Active against Cyberbullying - A Training Manual for Trainers" also resulted from the project. (pm)

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