Doctor convicted of attempted abortion

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Doctor sentenced to ten years in prison for attempting to abort pregnancy secretly

Medical doctor tries to terminate the pregnancy of his lover and accepts not only the loss of the child but also that of the mother. The Coburg Regional Court today sentenced the accused doctor Jens K. (41) to ten years in prison for attempted murder in harmony with dangerous bodily harm and attempted abortion.

With a blood-thinning agent, that he secretly poured his beloved into the tea, Jens K. apparently wanted to terminate the pregnancy and thus keep the affair secret from his wife. Since not only the unborn child but also his beloved could have died in the process, the Coburg district court sentenced the man to ten years in prison for attempted murder in a crime involving dangerous bodily harm and attempted abortion.

Medical doctor denies allegation of secret termination of pregnancy The doctor had always denied that he had given the blood-thinning agents to his beloved, but the circumstances apparently convinced the court of his guilt. After the man's lover became pregnant and refused to drop out, she noticed increased bleeding from the nose and gums, and went to clinical treatment without suspecting anything. Here the responsible doctors found extremely striking blood values ​​and stabilized blood clotting. In July 2007 the woman gave birth to a healthy child. However, the blood-thinning medication she was given could have caused severe fetal harm and malformation, as well as internal bleeding in the pregnant woman herself. Despite difficult evidence, the court was convinced that the 41-year-old doctor had secretly mixed the medication into his tea for his beloved to still be able to terminate the pregnancy against the will of his girlfriend.

Doctor receives ten years in prison for attempted murder Now the doctor from Thuringia has to go to prison for ten years if the revision previously announced by his lawyer is unsuccessful. The court thus remained slightly below the twelve years' sentence imposed by the public prosecutor, but set a clear signal against such unscrupulous behavior. The fact that the doctor apparently wanted to use his specialist knowledge acquired to protect health to wipe out life in order to cover up his personal misconduct deserves a particularly severe punishment, according to the court. According to the verdict, the accused must also pay 20,000 euros in pain and suffering to his former lover. (fp)

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