Federal Environment Agency: Study on aircraft noise diseases

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Federal Environment Agency plans study on health risks from aircraft noise

Aircraft noise makes you sick. Eberhard Greiser has already been able to prove in several studies, is to be checked in a study financed by the Federal Environment Agency in Bremen.

The epidemiologist has been commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) to investigate the impact of traffic noise from cars, trains and airplanes on health, in particular on the risk of cancer and heart attack, in a study that is unique in Germany. Dr. Greiser and the Association for the Protection of Air Traffic Injuries (VSF) presented the planned study to the public on Tuesday. Yesterday, the professor of epidemiology then appeared in Berlin at an event organized by the citizens' initiatives from Teltow and Rangsdorf against Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) and presented the results of his investigations of Cologne-Bonn Airport from 2007 and 2010. It was clearly established that cardiovascular diseases are disproportionately common among residents in the immediate vicinity of the airport, emphasized Dr. Old man.

Aircraft noise pollution increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases A number of citizens' initiatives throughout Germany are fighting back against aircraft noise pollution. They fear that aircraft noise pollution will not only affect their nerves but also the health of local residents. The costs of these health consequences are not sufficiently taken into account in the BBI's previous considerations, according to the position of the citizens' initiatives from Teltow and Rangsdorf. Because cardiovascular diseases are disproportionately common among residents in the immediate vicinity of airports, like Dr. Greiser was able to prove in his previous studies. The study, financed by the Federal Environment Agency, could in future offer a significantly improved basis for weighing up the risks and benefits of comparable large-scale projects.

The data available in Bremen has never been as precise for the investigation, emphasized Dr. Greiser and the VSF. This would make it possible to make fundamental statements about the connection between noise pollution and health risks, even if the individual risk must always be re-examined to determine how high the risk actually is. For Dr. However, Greiser has no doubt that noise makes people sick. However, it has not yet been clearly clarified how sick. This is now to be checked with the 15-month study, with the Federal Environment Agency contributing around 250,000 euros to the financing and the Bremen health department taking over the remaining 50,000 euros. The results of the study will be presented in April 2012.

Investigation of the health risks of environmental noise in Bremen The conditions are particularly well suited for the investigation of the health risks of environmental noise (aircraft, road traffic and rail noise) in Bremen, since a good cancer registry has been kept here since 1998 and "incredibly good social reporting" as well there is a mortality index that records every cause of death. In addition, according to Dr. Greiser has further anonymized data records about illnesses of the Bremen insured available. Last but not least, the political support in Bremen is particularly high, so that Dr. According to Greiser, instead of the often usual "strong tailwind" obstacles, they experience especially through the environmental and social department. VSF chairwoman Monika Morschel also emphasized that she was “really happy” that the study on the health effects of ambient noise has now been published by Dr. Greiser will be carried out because the previous mechanisms, with which the interests of the airport operators and the residents should be balanced, were "always very airport-friendly".

Studies to date show health risks from aircraft noise In Berlin, the former head of the Bremen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine said that his previous studies at Cologne-Bonn Airport had delivered a clear result. On the basis of anonymous data, one million insured persons in eight statutory health insurance funds were taken into account in the calculations. This made 55 percent of the population of Cologne and two neighboring districts part of the study. The significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in the vicinity of Cologne-Bonn Airport is therefore no coincidence and has been scientifically proven. In the opinion of Dr., That no comparable studies have yet been carried out despite the protests of the citizens' initiatives at the BBI. However, Greiser does not attribute it to the costs of around 1.5 million euros or the 18-month period required, but to the fear of those responsible for the results. "Before the result, the Schiss have," said Dr. Greiser in the original sound. Because his model calculation for the BBI had shown that the number of cardiovascular diseases increased significantly from a low continuous sound level of 47 decibels. According to the epidemiology expert, the acute noise pollution of more than 200,000 people around the BBI would add around 200 aircraft noise-related illnesses to the 1,500 cardiovascular diseases that occur anyway. This would entail costs of 1.5 million euros per year, with the costs increasing over time, explained Dr. Old man. Epidemiology emphasized that after five years there would already be an additional 22 million euros, after ten years even 86 million euros, which would have to flow into the treatment of aircraft noise patients in the vicinity of the BBI. This would mean that the previous calculations on the profitability of the BBI would be significantly different than before.

Aircraft noise increases stress hormones and blood pressure Aircraft noise has significant negative health consequences, according to Dr. Greiser attributed to the "increased release of stress hormones and high blood pressure". Because evolutionary history, noise has always been a warning signal to which the body reacts with the release of adrenaline and an increase in blood pressure, explains the epidemiologist. “Evolutionary this made sense: In the past, sudden noise meant danger. This is why stress hormones were released so that people could flee, ”says the expert. A landing plane does not require an escape, but the organism of the sleeping residents is still set in turmoil and long-term damage to health is the result. (fp)

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