Solidarity care instead of private care risk

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People's solidarity: Securing care in solidarity instead of privatizing care risk

The Social Solidarity Association strongly opposes privatization of the nursing risk. Instead, care should in future be organized in solidarity in the form of citizens' insurance. "The People's Solidarity campaigns for a reform of the nursing care insurance, which will provide long-term care in solidarity and better meet the real needs of people in need of care," said the President of the Social and Welfare Association for People's Solidarity, Prof. Gunnar Winkler, on Thursday from the Federal Board of Directors Association's agreed position paper "Ensure care in solidarity, needs-based and in high quality". In this way, the people's solidarity with its 280,000 members and 16,000 employees, many of whom work in nursing services and facilities, wants to get involved in the debate about new legal regulations in nursing.

Winkler went on to say: “The challenges of an aging nursing society can and must be mastered in solidarity. That means further developing nursing care insurance. The term related to care is no longer up to date. We are in favor of a new regulation that better takes into account the needs of people in need of care with dementia and mental illnesses. Maintaining the independence and social participation of the people to be cared for must become more of a priority in care. This also means opening up new scope for better nursing care instead of nursing every minute. This path must be combined with a clear upgrading of the nursing professions ”.“

At the same time, people's solidarity demands that prevention and rehabilitation before nursing be promoted more strongly. To this end, she suggests making nursing care insurance an independent provider of rehabilitation services. Winkler emphasized that growing care requirements with an increasing number of people in need of care and benefits cannot be met with today's financing mechanism. ” The people's solidarity is in the care of a citizen insurance. For us, before civil insurance, there is a risk structure and financial compensation between social and private long-term care insurance. It cannot be the case that private long-term care insurance continues to accumulate surpluses of currently EUR 19 billion, while well-financed social long-term care insurance means that well over 90 percent of care needs have to be provided. We refuse to privatize the nursing risk, for example through a funded reserve. The wrong way of lump sums for health should not be repeated in nursing. "

In their paper, people's solidarity also sets out positions on the development of nursing professions, on training and further training in nursing, on supporting family members and on the compatibility of nursing and work, and on expanding the nursing infrastructure. (Pm)

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