Warning strike at the HELIOS clinic

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HELIOS Clinic: Employees go on strike for more salary

Numerous HELIOS clinic employees followed the call of the service union Verdi yesterday and temporarily went on the warning strike. Further walkouts are to follow today.

The employees of the HELIOS clinics protested with a warning strike against the previous attitude of the group management at the previous collective bargaining. Numerous employees of the various HELIOS clinics stopped working yesterday. The service union Verdi had called for the warning strike to enforce a wage increase for the employees of the HELIOS clinics in the current wage conflict.

HELIOS Clinic staff on strike Hundreds of HELIOS Clinic employees went on strike yesterday across Germany. The media, for example, report warning strikes at the HELIOS Clinic in Bad Saarow, Borna, Wuppertal, Breisach, Idstein and Titisee-Neustadt. The protests ranged from an "active lunch break" as in the HELIOS Clinic in Wuppertal to a work stoppage with the closure of the operating theaters in the HELIOS Clinic in Breisach. "Patients have also shown solidarity," said Verdi spokeswoman Gabriele Meyer. After the previous collective bargaining negotiations on the fee increase at the HELIOS acute clinics had been unsuccessful, because according to Verdi, "no offer" and "almost all claims were rejected" by the group management, Verdi called the HELIOS clinic staff on Thursday for a warning strike on. "We ask employers to at least submit offers to employees," emphasized Frank Ploß, district manager at Verdi.

Verdi demands more salary for HELIOS employees The services union's offer in the current collective bargaining is on the table. For the approximately 17,000 employees of HELIOS clinics, Verdi demands, among other things, an increase in wages and salaries, an increase in training allowances, higher on-call wages and night duty surcharges, as well as compensation regulations for on-call services. Overall, the package of claims amounts to an increase of seven percent, said the service union. With the current strike call, Verdi wants to increase the pressure on the company management before the next collective bargaining round on March 14th in order to enforce the demands in the interests of the employees. “The employees of HELIOS acute clinics make a significant contribution to the success of the entire Fresenius Group. They also want to benefit materially from this, ”emphasized Verdi Federal Executive Board member Ellen Paschke. "The work stoppages are a warning shot from the employees to the company management", explained Paschke and demanded "finally a negotiable offer", otherwise the wage dispute would escalate. So far, according to Verdi, HELIOS clinic employees are significantly worse off in wages and salaries than their public sector colleagues.

Maximizing profits in the health care system The root of the problem, as is so often the case, is the pursuit of profit in the health care system. Because the privatization of the clinics usually goes hand in hand with a changed personnel policy. In order to maximize profits, costs must be saved. With a significant increase in profits - as in previous years at the HELIOS clinics - corresponding wage increases for employees are rather the exception. The fact that Verdi is now demanding wage adjustments in the interest of employees in view of the significant increase in profits should hardly surprise the HELIOS clinic's management. But the warning strikes have made it clear to those responsible that this time they will probably be unsuccessful with their zero-offer and sit-down policies. (fp)

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