Mass protests against nuclear power expected

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Environmental groups, nature groups and anti-nuclear groups are planning mass protests against the use of nuclear power

Environmental organizations, anti-nuclear initiatives and other associations are calling for numerous protests against the continued operation of nuclear power plants in Germany. In the next few days and weeks there will be "a change of regional and national demonstrations and actions", as the globalization-critical group Attac reports.

Protests have already been announced in 400 cities and municipalities this Monday. Thousands of participants are expected to take part in the protest. On Saturday, March 26th, there will be major demonstrations in three to five major cities in all parts of the republic, including Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Another decentralized day of action is planned for Saturday, April 9th. And finally, on Easter Monday, April 25, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, there will be large-scale demonstrations at 13 nuclear power plants and nuclear waste sites. In between there are likely to be numerous other local and regional protests.

In view of the nuclear disaster in Japan, the globalization-critical network Attac and the environmental organization Urgewald have sharply criticized the role of banks in the financing of unsafe nuclear power plants. "Wherever there are big profits, information about massive security problems and incidents does not matter," said Jutta Sundermann of the Attac coordination group. "Banks are risking millions of lives in the hunt for the greatest possible return." According to Attac, Deutsche Bank and WestLB issued bonds worth around 30 million euros twice for Tepco, the operator of the Japanese catastrophe reactor; ING DiBa bought Tepco bonds for around 15 million euros. "The banks were not interested in the well-known cover-up of defects and accidents by Tepco, nor in the consequences of small earthquakes in the Japanese nuclear power plants that were obvious years ago," said Heffa Schücking from Urgewald.

For the protest actions, an alliance of "broadcast - Together against atomic energy", BUND, Campact, "ContrAtom", "Nature Friends Germany", "Robin Wood", "AG Schacht Konrad" and Attac Germany has been formed. Together they want to plan and carry out the protest actions. A spokesman for the alliance said: "It is not enough to postpone the term extensions until after the state elections. We demand the permanent decommissioning of the nuclear power plants. The weaknesses have long been known to the authorities. Nothing needs to be checked, but switched off. We call the population to take to the streets now and ensure that the federal government can no longer navigate, but finally says goodbye to the nuclear power adventure. "

Due to the upcoming state elections, according to unconfirmed information, the Federal Chancellery is currently discussing "suspending" the planned extension of the nuclear power plants. Chancellor Merkel had already announced at the weekend that all nuclear facilities in Germany would be checked again for safety deficiencies. According to "the current state of knowledge", however, all systems are safe, said the Chancellor in an ARD interview. While the SPD and the Greens are calling for the extension of the term to be reversed, the federal executive committee of the left declared that the federal government should arrange for the immediate shutdown of all nuclear power plants. (sb)

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