Cure acne with the help of homeopathy

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Cure acne: the homeopathic treatment during puberty

Many know it: uncomfortable blackheads, pustules or pimples, which not only hurt, but are also an aesthetic problem. If such skin complaints occur more often, one speaks of acne - the most common skin disease. According to an Infratest survey, over 90 percent of all adolescents suffer from puberty; 15 percent so heavy that medical treatment is necessary. But adults are also affected, and acne up to the age of 40 is not uncommon. Dr. Ulf Riker is a doctor for internal medicine, homeopathy and naturopathic medicine from Munich, he explains in the spring issue of the journal Homeopathy of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ), "that acne can in principle be treated with homeopathy alone and can also be healed." However, the difficulty could be “that the patients feel very uncomfortable in their skin, but it is difficult to describe the symptoms. This is a challenge for every homeopathic drug discovery, ”said Riker in the DZVhÄ interview.

With this issue the series The most important homeopathic remedies starts. It starts with Calendula officinalis - the marigold. In homeopathy, around 4,000 different starting substances are used to manufacture homeopathic medicines. They are usually of plant, animal or mineral origin and have different healing effects. The active substances are used as homeopathic remedies according to the principle of similarity: only those remedies that can trigger the symptoms in a healthy person from which the patient suffers help the sick person. A single drug can be effective in different diseases. In over two centuries of use, some drugs have emerged as particularly useful. This includes calendula. The quarterly magazine is available free of charge in the member practices of the DZVhÄ and as a pharmacy edition in many pharmacies. (pm)

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