The hay fever season has started

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The hay fever season has started: Experts expect the first pollen to begin

The onset of spring is the prelude to this year's hay fever season for allergy sufferers. Professor Harald Morr from the German Lung Foundation in Hanover warns that the warmer temperatures are accompanied by an explosive increase in pollen levels.

In the course of the relatively warm, sunny, early spring weather, the alder, hazel and willow blooms have already contributed to a significantly increased pollen count and initiated the start of the hay fever season, warn experts such as Prof. Harald Morr from Hanover or Dr. Wolfram Feußner, allergist and specialist for pulmonary and bronchial medicine from Kassel. Birch blossom follows next, with many allergy sufferers being particularly sensitive to birch pollen. The hay fever patients should therefore take appropriate measures to prepare for the upcoming birch pollen season, the experts emphasized.

Tips from the specialist for the hay fever season For allergy sufferers, the start of the hay fever season usually announces a tingling of the nose and palate, subsequent sneezing attacks and itchy eyes. According to the experts, around 20 million allergy sufferers in Germany are affected. Dr. Wolfram Feussner recommends that hay fever plagues keep the windows closed when there is a strong pollen count and, if possible, only ventilate in the rain and in the late evening hours. Clothes worn outside should be washed frequently and not left in the bedroom, the expert emphasized in an interview with the “HNA” (“Hessische / Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung”). In addition, drying the laundry outdoors is not recommended and the hair should be washed every evening before going to bed, explained Feussner. In addition, according to the expert, pollen protection filters, for example in the car or in a vacuum cleaner, can provide relief for those affected.

Nasal douche to alleviate hay fever Professor Harald Morr from the German Lung Foundation also mentioned many of those already mentioned by Dr. Feussner addressed the measures and also pointed out that allergy sufferers should carefully clean the nasal mucosa with a nasal douche after long stays outdoors and before falling asleep. It is also recommended that those affected wash their faces several times a day, explained Prof. Morr. When driving a car, allergy sufferers should best store their jackets in the trunk to keep pollen away from the interior, the specialist at the German Lung Foundation emphasized.

Insider tip against hay fever - cooking oil and petroleum jelly To avoid starting this year's hay fever season unprepared, affected allergy sufferers should get antihistamines from the pharmacy in good time, advises Dr. Feussner. The specialist emphasized that this could be used as soon as the first symptoms appear. Certain nasal sprays (only on prescription) or special eye drops are also recommended, Feussner continues. However, his insider tip for protection against pollen is to rub the inside of the nose with a little petroleum jelly and gargle with a little cooking oil after getting up. However, all of the above measures only apply to the symptoms of hay fever - the causes are not addressed here. Those affected who no longer want to accept the annual procedure or who run the risk of developing asthma can often be treated successfully with the help of long-term targeted immunotherapy, reports Dr. Feussner.

Hyposensitization to combat the causes of hay fever Especially in hay fever patients who only react to individual allergens and still have good lung function, hyposensitization can often effectively treat an allergy, explained Dr. However, those affected should keep an allergy calendar for a year before the start of hyposensitization in order to optimize the chances of success of the therapy, the specialist emphasized. Subsequently, immunotherapy was started before the start of the next pollen season, with the immune system getting used to the allergy triggers with small doses over a period of three to five years. If successful, the excessive immune response manifested as an allergy can be prevented from now on, explained Dr. Although the time required for the patients is considerable, hyposensitization offers a sensible method "that has already helped a great number of patients," concluded the specialist.

Hay fever treatment in naturopathy Numerous measures are also used in naturopathy, which are not intended to remedy the symptoms but the causes of the hay fever. For example, with herbal therapies, relaxation procedures, magnetic field / bioresonance procedures, autologous blood therapies as well as self-suggestion, acupuncture and homeopathy, comprehensive treatment successes have already been achieved. If the symptoms of hay fever do not go away during the course of naturopathic treatment, the allergy sufferers affected should in any case consult a doctor, since according to Prof. Morr, untreated hay fever can lead to asthma in the worst case. Dr. Feussner emphasized that untreated allergic inflammations often become chronic and spread to the lungs and bronchi.

Phenomenon of cross allergies, according to Dr. Feussner the cross allergies, in which hay fever patients are increasingly allergic to foods such as fruits and vegetables. Allergy sufferers who react to birch pollen are particularly often affected. The allergic reaction to the food manifested itself as tingling or itching in the mouth and throat, but could also lead to swelling of the mouth and throat mucous membranes as well as diarrhea and abdominal pain, the allergist explained. Hay fever patients who develop a cross allergy often show a food intolerance to nuts, pome and stone fruit, beer, carrots, celery, bananas and kiwis, according to the expert. In addition, herb pollen allergy sufferers would often not tolerate spices (especially mixed spices) and patients with latex allergies often have problems with tropical fruits and sweet chestnuts, reports Dr. The special thing about cross allergies is that in many cases they only appear as pollen-related food allergies during the pollen season, the specialist emphasized. (fp)

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