Experts warn of children's snacks with alcohol content

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Experts warn of hidden alcohol in children's snacks

Addiction experts warn of alcohol in children's snacks. The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (Ages) has analyzed several food products and found that there are hidden alcohol in numerous children's snacks and foods.

The result of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security surprises and shocks at the same time. Many of the food products tested contained alcohol, and only two of the 19 articles examined were non-alcoholic in the sweets, reports the Ages.

Bakery products and sweets contain alcohol particularly frequently. Normally, children's snacks and children's food should be as rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients as possible and contribute to a healthy and balanced diet for adolescents. However, as the Ages now found out in the course of its investigation, this is not always the case. Instead, the baked goods and sweets in particular sometimes contained an extremely high alcohol content, the experts report. For example, a hamburger bread from the supermarket contained 25.6 grams of alcohol per kilogram, which roughly corresponds to the alcohol content of two double schnapps, the Ages said. The children's snacks also often contained alcohol. The testers found a peak level of 12 grams of alcohol per kilogram, with baked goods and sweets particularly affected among children's foods. The Ages explained that croissants and biscuit cakes, which are very popular with children, had a high alcohol content in some cases. In total, only two of the 19 products examined had no alcohol in the sweets.

Search experts warn of hidden alcohol content Search experts have warned several times about the alcohol content of some foods. Although this must be stated in the list of ingredients on the packaging, consumers often do without an appropriate check for articles that appear to be harmless. The amounts of alcohol contained are so small that they have no effect on healthy adults. However, the child's organism reacts far more sensitively, so that, according to addiction experts, adolescents should generally avoid alcohol-containing foods. Even in the case of addicted people, even the smallest amounts of alcohol can have a fatal effect, the experts warn and also advise them to avoid using the corresponding products. In order to ensure that alcohol is not inadvertently consumed, the list of ingredients should be carefully studied, recommends the Ages. In the case of baked goods, however, this can sometimes be a problem, since there is not always a packaging with a corresponding list of ingredients. Here only the asking of the baker helps and in case of doubt the waiver. (fp)

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