Japan: Four children die after vaccination

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Four young children died after vaccination: Japan immediately stops vaccination in children

Four children died in Japan after being vaccinated against meningitis and pneumonia. Any further vaccinations with the vaccines have been stopped by the Japanese Ministry of Health for the time being.

Given the four deaths of young children after vaccination against meningitis and pneumonia, the Japanese government was forced to temporarily stop using the vaccines. The causes of the deaths have not yet been clarified. According to the health authorities, contamination of the vaccine is conceivable, for example.

Vaccination against meningitis and pneumonia stopped Since it is still unclear whether the vaccine was the cause of the deaths of the young children, the Japanese government has suspended any further use of vaccines against pneumonia, meningitis and other infections for the time being. According to the Ministry of Health, the decision made on Saturday included the "ActHIB" serums from the French company Sanofi-Aventis and "Prevenar" from the US company Pfizer. According to the Ministry of Health's website, vaccinations are suspended until the cause of death of the children has been determined. The four young children, aged between a few months and a maximum of two years, had died after vaccination with the active substance against pneumonia and meningitis. The deaths occurred between March 2 and March 4, when the Japanese Ministry of Health immediately ordered that vaccinations be suspended. Some of the young children died on the day of the vaccination; The ministry said that a maximum of three days had passed after the active ingredient had been administered.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers ready for cooperation The Japanese Ministry of Health said that vaccinations against meningitis and pneumonia in Japan started more than a year ago and that one to 1.5 million children have already been treated with the active ingredients from Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis. No comparable problems have occurred so far. After the deaths, Pfizer had agreed to cooperate with the health authorities to investigate a possible link to his “Prevenar” vaccine. However, the drug has been used successfully for around ten years, the pharmaceutical company said. It was only in February last year that the Dutch health authorities investigated the deaths of three children who died after being vaccinated with Prevenar. However, there was no connection with the agent. Sanofi-Aventis' ActHIB vaccine was approved in France in 1992 and a year later in the United States, according to the manufacturer.

Vaccine critics warn of health consequences Again and again, vaccine critics warn that many of the regularly administered vaccinations are associated with a considerable risk for those affected. Vaccinations are a significant burden, especially for the health of small children. Even though pharmaceutical manufacturers and government institutions rule out a connection with the vaccination in most cases, in the eyes of the opponents of vaccination, the significantly increased number of cases of sudden child death after vaccination is evidence enough for the serious health consequences that vaccinations have on the organism Can have small children. With every vaccination, those affected should therefore be aware of the vaccine benefits and the possible vaccination risks. This means that in the case of diseases that are relatively harmless, according to the vaccination critics, vaccination could tend to be dispensed with. If the vaccine in question also has significant side effects, it is imperative to refrain from vaccination, according to the opponents' position. Whether the risk of vaccines against meningitis and pneumonia will have to be reclassified in the future will probably be clarified in the coming weeks by the studies of the four deaths of young children in Japan. (fp)

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