Back pain begins with schooling

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Schoolchild pack donkey: Correct carrying relieves the burden of satchels. Back pain begins with schooling

Packed satchels make life difficult for children. According to a DAK survey among pediatricians, back pain among children has increased in the past ten years. "The satchels are not only full, but are often worn incorrectly," says DAK doctor Dr. Jan Helfrich. “There is little to be done against the many booklets and books. But you can work on the wearing technique and strengthen your back through sport. ”

Lightweights preferred The satchel's own weight should be as low as possible. “Later, when packed, it must not weigh more than ten to twelve percent of your body weight,” explains Dr. Helfrich. "Ideally, the satchel on the back is padded and not wider than the child's shoulders." It is important to have adjustable, padded and wide straps that distribute the pressure evenly over the shoulders. By the way: Good satchels have the GS mark for tested safety and meet the DIN standard 58124.

The essentials - the wearing technique When wearing: The satchel must sit close to the body. The top edge forms a line to the shoulder. "The straps are often worn too long," says the DAK expert. “The satchel then slips backwards and pulls into the hollow back. The result is back pain and poor posture. ”To make sure that the knapsack does what it says on the tin, it is best to fill it with books when you buy it. Rule of thumb for packing: heavy books on the back, exercise books and light utensils in the front compartments.

Strong shoulders through exercise To prevent postural damage and to make children strong for school, activity is the order of the day. "A lack of exercise and weak muscles are the most common reasons for back pain," says Dr. His advice: “Plan as much exercise as possible for your free time. The best are sports such as gymnastics, swimming, cycling - or simply a visit to the soccer field. (pm)

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