Immediate quit smoking symptom of lung cancer?

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Immediate quit smoking symptom of lung cancer?

Scientists have found that there is a possible link between stopping smoking immediately and later breaking out of lung cancer. Before cancer is diagnosed, a majority of patients stop smoking spontaneously, even though they did not experience symptoms of lung cancer and did not yet know about their serious illness. Researchers at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia suspect that the tumor produces a messenger substance that significantly eases and provokes quitting smoking. A majority of patients in a study said they found it much easier to quit smoking.

Study with 115 lung cancer patients
Doctors and scientists have been observing an unusual connection for a long time. Many lung cancer patients spontaneously stopped smoking shortly before the diagnosis of the disease. Lung cancer is often only recognized in the late stages due to the lack of initial symptoms. The researchers believe that the sudden cessation of smoking without complications could be a first symptom of lung cancer. To confirm the presumption, oncologists from Thomas Jefferson University undertook a patient study. The study surveyed a total of 115 patients who had smoked for a long time before the onset of lung cancer. About half of all respondents had given up smoking before the serious diagnosis. Only around 11 percent of the subjects stated that they had started smoking cessation due to the symptoms of their lungs. Although all patients had approximately the same nicotine abuse, a third of the participants stated that they had quit smoking without difficulty. All previous attempts failed again and again, as numerous participants emphasized.

2.7 years until the outbreak of lung cancer In order to substantiate the result of the study, the scientists asked other patients about their previous smoking consumption in a second run. Here, too, the patient groups surveyed had given up smoking in advance. If the disease was diagnosed in lung cancer patients on average 2.7 years after stopping smoking, it took around 24 years for prostate cancer. Patients who had a heart attack stopped using them on average about 10 years earlier.

"It is known that many lung cancer patients quit smoking before being diagnosed," says scientist and oncologist Barbara Campling. Many doctors do not take this observation seriously; they believe that patients have given up smoking due to symptoms. But for a majority, this was not the case in the survey, the expert summarized. Moreover, contrary to previous withdrawals, a majority would have found it much easier to quit smoking. For the researchers around Campling, the question now arises whether the spontaneous smoking cessation itself is an early symptom of lung cancer. However, the result of the study should not be misunderstood, continuing smoking does not mean that the disease does not break out. In any case, the immediate end of consumption is recommended. A scientific report on the study has been published in the journal "Journal of Thoracic Oncology".

46,000 new lung cancer diagnoses
Every year, around 46,000 people in Germany contract new lung cancer. In about 90 percent of the cases, those affected have smoked beforehand. In addition to other genetic factors, inhaled tobacco smoking is a major trigger for bronchial carcinoma. (sb)

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