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Bone marrow donation: hundreds follow typing campaign for Martin Mitterer

Hundreds of volunteers followed the joint call from Martin Mitterer's father and the Bavarian Bone Marrow Donation Foundation (AKB). In the town hall of Inzell, 736 volunteers had their blood typed as potential bone marrow or stem cell donors for the doctor suffering from leukemia.

Bone mark donation: 736 volunteers can be typed The support for the typing campaign was overwhelming, the father of the affected person, Johann Mitterer, the AKB coordinator, Manuela Ortmann, the AKB managing director Dr. Hans Knabe and the standby manager of the BRK, Hubert Pointner about the rush in the town hall. Almost 50 percent of the donors came from Inzell and Weißbach (home of the young doctor), but donors from other municipalities were also present in the districts of Traunstein, Berchtesgadener Land and Rosenheim, the officials reported. The AKB participants were impressed by the excellent preparatory work that was done by the family of the person concerned together with many friends and helpers. The AKB managers also rated the average age of the potential donors as positive, which was around 30 years - this reflects the great sense of responsibility among young people.

Young doctor already suffering from leukemia in 2006 The young doctor Martin Mitterer was already suffering from “non-Hodgin lymphoma” (tumor in the lymphatic system) in 2006 for the first time. At that time, however, the cancer was initially successfully treated with the help of intensive chemotherapy. Now Martin Mitterer has to fight cancer again, whereby a bone marrow or stem cell donation would be urgently needed for his chances of recovery. Therefore the relatives and friends started the current typing campaign together with the AKB. The AKB coordinator, Manuela Ortmann, then explained that the evaluation of the blood samples taken would now take about six to eight weeks until it was determined whether a suitable donor was among the volunteers. However, Martin Mitterer is currently doing relatively well after antibiotic treatment and a blood transfer, so the waiting time should not pose any major problems, the father emphasized. The young doctor had been released from the clinic and now hopes that his relatively stable condition will continue until a donor is found and chemotherapy can be started again.

Exemplary commitment to the typing campaign A total of eleven AKB employees, 25 helpers from the BRK standby Inzell and some medical assistants from Inzell and the surrounding area were involved in the collection of donor data and blood samples, explained the AKB coordinator. Friends and relatives of Martin Mitterer also looked after the donors and were available for instruction at the parking lots. In addition to home-made cakes, the drinks and breads from companies in Inzell and the surrounding area were provided free of charge. All in all, the commitment was exemplary, according to those responsible. The father, Johann Mitterer, thanked on behalf of his son and his family all the donors, the mayors Martin Hobmaier from Inzell and Klaus Bauregger from Schneizlreuth and the helpers who contributed in some way to the typing campaign. To cover the costs of around 40 euros per typing, 6,238 euros were donated during the campaign on Saturday. Given the extensive support, Johann Mitterer was confident that he would soon find a possible donor for his son.

Convincing work for bone marrow and stem cell donations As part of the current typing campaign, Hans Knabe emphasized that only ten percent (four million) of potential donors nationwide had so far been recorded in the 30 different donor files. Far too little like Dr. Boy underlined. So far, 240,000 people could have been typed in Bavaria alone, but to provide all those in need with appropriate bone marrow or stem cell donations, according to the expert, this is far from enough. In the future, a lot of educational and convincing work will have to be done here, emphasized Dr. Boy. (fp)

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