Researchers recommend cannabis for cancer

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Researchers recommend cannabis for cancer

Scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada recommend the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in cannabis for the supportive treatment of cancer patients. In many cases, cancer and therapy lead to a lack of classifying appetite. As a study showed, the active ingredient can help to stimulate the appetite again. After all, patients need food intake for their strength, as the study authors argue.

Study showed appetite enhancement
The research team led by Wendy Wismer from the University of Alberta undertook a comparative study to test the effects of THC. A total of 21 volunteers who had undergone chemotherapy due to severe cancer took part in the study. The participants were divided into two equal groups. The subjects took preparations for a total of 18 days. While the first group received a drug with the active ingredient THC, the second group received a placebo without an active ingredient. Subsequently, the study participants had to fill out a questionnaire. The questions focused in particular on enjoyment, hunger and eating habits. 73 percent of cannabis patients said they had preferred to eat since starting therapy. 55 percent said that food tasted much better. In the placebo group, on the other hand, 30 and 10 percent said they had observed a similar effect. The majority of the cannabis group said they were much more relaxed. Sleep disorders and problems falling asleep were also reduced.

Researchers recommend treatment
For a long time, there have been no effective means available to stimulate cancer patients' appetite. Based on the results of the study, the scientists are now of the opinion that doctors should always consider cannabis treatment to stimulate their appetite. After all, patients urgently need food in order to gather their strength for the physically demanding cancer therapies. It can be assumed that the cannabis treatment is free of side effects. There were no undesirable consequences in the experimental setup.

Many medical fields of application
The positive medicinal properties of THC have also been observed in other serious diseases. After completing a study by McGill University in Montreal, researchers found that daily cannabis use alleviates chronic nerve pain. Good results in the area of ​​movement coordination could be measured in multiple sclerosis patients. Studies have shown that MS patients experience significantly less pain. The active ingredient also had a relaxing effect on the muscles. (sb)

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