Prohibited ingredients in instant coffee

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Prohibited substances in instant coffee Vitaccino. The type of coffee triggered adverse health effects for consumers, and the public prosecutor's office has started the investigation.

The prosecutor is currently investigating a manufacturer of instant coffee. In the coffee of the Imperia Elita company, components were found that contained the prohibited appetite suppressant "Sibutramine". Numerous consumers suffered from side effects such as heavy palpitations after consuming the Vitaccino coffee.

Repeated complaints about instant coffee The appetite suppressant sibutramine has been repeatedly proven in the "Vitaccino" coffee variety from the manufacturer "Imperia Elita". The pharmacologically active substance sibutramine was originally developed for a medication and is prohibited in Germany due to the sometimes severe health effects. After the company had to initiate a recall campaign twice, the investigative authorities have now intervened in the case. The Gießen public prosecutor accuses the company of violating food and feed laws. In addition, there is suspicion of gross or negligent bodily harm, as a spokeswoman confirmed.

Coffee Should Help Lose Weight According to prosecutors, the company advertised that coffee would help consumers lose weight. The type of coffee contained the named appetite hammer. Numerous citizens had reported to the authorities who had drunk the coffee and then complained of severe side effects. Therefore, the suspicion of assault is justified, said the spokeswoman. At the end of last year, investigators searched the company's premises and some of the apartments of the main managers. Large amounts of the coffee complained about were confiscated. After eating, consumers complained of palpitations and dilated pupils. Afterwards, numerous customers complained to the authorities, who then started the investigation.

Strong side effects of the active ingredient
The banned active ingredient can trigger side effects such as headache, nausea and vomiting, as well as hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia. Patients with cardiovascular disease are particularly at risk from the consumption of sibutramine. According to some clinical test series, this group of people can develop a life-threatening heart attack. A scientific study in the United States found 34 deaths in people with cardiovascular disease from taking the drug.

In this context, the manufacturer Imperia Elita repeatedly pointed out that the product had been checked by the responsible authorities before being launched on the German market. The auditors had made no complaints. The product is no longer sold on the company's website. Instead, you announce a successor product with the same name. Health authorities, on the other hand, strongly warn against the consumption of the incriminated coffee. (sb)

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