First stroke ambulance in Berlin

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First stroke emergency ambulance put into operation in Berlin

The state of Berlin put the first ambulance into operation especially for strokes. The emergency vehicle contains special equipment to provide patients with optimal primary care in the event of a stroke.

The renowned university hospital Charité reports that the first stroke ambulance was put into operation in Berlin. The ambulance was designed together with the clinic, the fire brigade and various Brandenburg companies. According to the clinic, the new car should provide patients with optimal primary care.

Stroke: every minute counts
If a patient suffers a stroke, every minute is valuable for first aid. With a stroke, there is a sudden lack of oxygen in the nerve cells. Patients mostly suffer from symptoms such as visual disturbances, dizziness, loss of visual field, severe headaches and symptoms of paralysis. If there is a suspicion, the fire brigade 112 should be called immediately without delay. As a first aid, special medications are administered to dissolve a blood clot (thrombolysis, within 3-4 hours). The faster medical aid is given, the better the brain can be protected from further damage. More than 200,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke every year. Around 60,000 people die each year from the consequences of a stroke.

The approximately 900,000 euro new ambulance includes technical equipment such as a computer tomograph (CT) and a small blood analysis laboratory. Also on board is a specialist in neurology so that stroke patients can get quick medical help. The new emergency vehicle is intended to minimize permanent damage to those affected and to quickly rule out suspicions. (sb)

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