Hydrogen peroxide in Landliebe pudding

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Recall for hydrogen peroxide in Landliebe pudding

Manufacturer starts recall campaign for hydrogen peroxide in “Landliebe” pudding. The Friesland Campina dairy warns consumers against the consumption of various semolina and cream puddings.

The manufacturer, the Friesland Campina dairy, has launched a recall campaign due to possible residues of hydrogen peroxide in several “Landliebe” puddings. According to the dairy in Heilbronn, the excessive doses of hydrogen peroxide had reached the products due to the technical malfunction in a filling machine. Hydrogen peroxide could irritate the mucous membranes and cause nausea, which is why consumers are advised not to eat them, the manufacturer warned.

“Landliebe” puddings affected by the recall According to the dairy, the 125 g and 150 gram cups of “Landliebe semolina pudding” with best-before dates from 27 February 2011 to 11 March 2011 are affected by the hydrogen peroxide pollution. The "Landliebe cream pudding vanilla and chocolate" in a 150 gram mug with a best before date until February 23, 2011 or between March 2, 2011 and March 6, 2011 are also affected by the recall. Consumers are asked not to consume the affected products, which were distributed through numerous supermarkets across Germany. Customers can send the cup lids in an envelope to Friesland Campina Germany GmbH, Wimpfener Strasse 125, 74078 Heilbronn and have the purchase price reimbursed, according to the company. If further information is required, customers can also contact the consumer service of the Friesland Campina dairy by calling 07131 / 489-160.

Use of hydrogen peroxide in the food industry Hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect and is used in the food industry as a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide solution in filling systems for the sterilization of cups, PET bottles, plastic containers and the typical multi-layer cardboard packaging. According to the Friesland Campina dairy, there were occasional increased dosages of the disinfectant on a filling machine in their company due to a technical fault. Since the hydrogen peroxide, which is also often used as a bleaching agent (textiles) or etching agent (microelectronics), can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and nausea in higher doses, whereby children in particular are more sensitive to the chemical, the dairy reacted immediately and recalled the potentially affected products. (fp)

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