34 percent of doctors are dissatisfied

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Survey among doctors: 34 percent of doctors are dissatisfied with their own professional situation

More than a third (34 percent) of general practitioners and specialists are dissatisfied with their own professional situation. Independent practice doctors are even more dissatisfied. 44 percent of the resident doctors said they were not satisfied with their current situation. The main reason given was the bureaucratic administrative burden. The representative survey was carried out on behalf of Commerzbank by the research and opinion institute TNS-Infratest among German medical professionals.

Practitioners almost half dissatisfied In general, most people in Germany assume that doctors have a high level of job satisfaction. The profession is highly recognized by society and earnings are mostly in the upper range. But many doctors are quite dissatisfied with their own situation. Medical practitioners in particular complain of increasing bureaucracy in accounting. A total of 34 percent of those surveyed stated that they were not satisfied. The dissatisfaction among general practitioners was a whopping 44 percent. The bureaucratic effort that has to be done daily is particularly burdensome. 54 percent of doctors in private practice see bureaucracy as the main reason for their dissatisfaction. Medical professionals in clinics, with a share of 64 percent, stated that the high workload mainly limits satisfaction.

26 percent of the survey participants want to change their jobs this year. The establishment of a private practice came first with 37 percent. 35 percent of general practitioners said they were considering a new group practice. 32 percent are considering moving abroad and only five percent of medical professionals can imagine working in rural areas. From the latter point, there is now a real shortage of doctors in the country.

Medical Association calls for reduction of bureaucracy and higher remuneration The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians sees itself confirmed in the survey results. Previous surveys would have reached a similar result. The Federal President of the Medical Association, Dr. Carl-Heinz Müller: "This is in line with the results of a nationwide survey of medical students, which the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) and the University of Trier carried out last summer." Both surveys show that something has been done about the lack of doctors in rural areas must become. The KBV renewed the demand to reduce bureaucracy, to free doctors from regress risks and to grant rural doctors a higher remuneration. In addition, the infrastructure in rural regions should be expanded so that doctors and family members experience more incentives to move to the countryside. Otherwise, the country doctor will soon only be known from television, warned Müller.

Health insurers tend to see an oversupply. However, the health insurers do not see a lack of doctors but rather an oversupply. The problem is not a lack of medical professionals, but an uneven distribution. While the density of doctors in cities is very high, there is a real shortage of doctors in some rural areas. The AOK federal chairman Herbert Reichelt recently called for a legally required minimization of practice permits in cities. This should encourage doctors to also settle in the country. (sb)

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