FDM model: International course in Tokyo

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Fascia distortion model: International course in Tokyo

From tomorrow, Friday to Sunday, an international course based on the Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) will take place in Tokyo with Marjorie Kasten, P.T. and Keisuke Tanaka FDM. Instead. Among other things, the seminar serves to improve the networking of FDM therapists worldwide, as Stephen Typaldos' FDM concept spreads at a rapid pace.

In addition to networking, the American Marjorie Kasten also presents her specific methods of inversion therapy. The inversion therapy is part of the fascia distortion model, which starts from a loosening of a three-dimensional deformation of the fold fascia near the joint due to stretching. Marjorie Kasten is a direct student and collaborator of the founder of the FDM, Dr. Stephen Typaldos D.O., who died in 2006 at the age of 59. Kasten has specialized in releasing these deformations of fascia, called gymnastics balls or inversion devices, and will pass on their knowledge of years of practical experience in Tokyo. In addition to her, a direct Japanese student from Typaldos, Keisuke Tanaka, will give an introduction to the fascia distortion model.

In addition to a large delegation from Germany, participants from the USA are also expected from abroad. In addition to Tanaka, the organization is also responsible for FDM practitioner and co-founder and Vice President of the Asian FDM Association FAA (FDM Asia Association) Kohei Iwata. In addition to the seminars, the exchange and networking of the worldwide FDM community is also on the program of this international course.

Since May 2011 there are also special FDM courses for sports therapists with the physiotherapist Klaus Eder, who appeared as head supervisor of various Olympic Games and also supervised the German national soccer team, and Dr. Georg Harrer from Vienna, the spread of the FDM seems to be making great strides.

In the meantime, courses are also offered in Europe that are not based on the criteria of the European FDM Association. For this reason, the association's internal quality standards must be networked and defined as quickly as possible, which stands for the continuity of the work done so far and offers transparency for future FDM interested parties. In this context, the International FDM Congress in Vienna in August is to be seen, which is organized by the European FDM Association (EFDMA) and, in addition to Kasten and Tanaka, also allows experts of similar nature to speak, such as the French hand surgeon Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau, who took pictures of fascia while moving on the living. (tf)

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