The AOK benefits from the additional contributions

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The general local health insurers AOK benefit most from the additional contributions

The general local health insurance companies (AOK) benefit most from the additional contributions. But not because the AOK itself demands an additional contribution from its members, but because other statutory health insurers charge one. Numerous insured persons exercised their special right of termination in the course of the introduction of the additional contribution and then changed the fund.

According to a survey by the "dpa" news agency, the local health insurance funds registered an increase in membership last year due to the additional contribution of around 55,000 new customers. As a result, the local health insurance companies have seen an unprecedented influx of new members. In 2009, around 37,000 people moved to the AOK. The Board of Directors is expecting further growth from new customers for the current year. The AOK cited good service as a reason and the fact that all affiliated local health insurance companies charge "no additional contribution all year round".

The survey confirms that the AOK benefits most from the migrations of the insured. According to industry experts, AOK's 14 health insurers gained around 521,000 insured last year. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has around 230,000 new members. Third place is the "Barmer GEK", which should welcome 69,000 new members. A total of 13 health insurance companies are currently charging an additional contribution. Other health insurers have already announced a flat-rate additional contribution for the current year. These include the BKK Hoesch, which even wants to charge 45 euros per quarter. Most health insurance companies with additional contributions currently charge an additional eight euros per month. (sb)

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