Health insurance additional contribution no main reason for change

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Health insurance additional contribution no reason to change. Service and healthcare are more important

Until now, health economists have always assumed that the introduction of additional contributions is a main reason for a change in health insurance. The market research institute "MSR Consulting" has now published the survey results of the "Kubus GKV". According to this, insured persons would not change their health insurance because of higher costs, but because of poor health services and a lack of services. The additional contributions from individual health insurance companies are more of a secondary reason for the majority. However, this should also be due to the fact that only a minority of the insurance companies currently require an additional fee.

Additional contribution from health insurance companies only plays a secondary role Currently, 13 out of 163 health insurance companies charge an additional contribution. Last year, over half a million people changed their statutory health insurance. So far it has always been the case that the change takes place primarily due to the additional contributions charged by individual health insurers. But the MSR study refutes precisely this aspect. Rather, the survey participants in the representative study indicated that the services and the on-site service seem to them to be the most important. This includes, for example, how competently the insured person was treated in a regional office and how generously the health insurance company reimbursed individual health services. The duration of the processing of applications also played an important role in the survey.

A total of 4,000 health insurers from a statutory health insurance company participated in the survey. According to the study, the willingness to change is relatively low at a maximum of minus seven percent compared to the average. The question of whether the respective health insurance company requires an additional contribution or not played only a secondary role as a reason for changing. The additional cash contributions only play a decisive role when services no longer meet customer expectations. In this case, the willingness to change increases by more than 30 percent. If the health insurance does not charge an additional fee and the service is poor, 20 percent of those surveyed would prefer a change.

Insureds pay attention to customer-oriented benefits Even without an additional contribution, the health insurance companies must pay attention to their offers and service. Michael Kullmann from MSR Consulting takes a critical look at the switch migration between the tills in the past year. The new members can only be retained if the health insurance company pays attention to their services. The study made it clear that the insured do very well with benefits and customer-oriented service. Accordingly, health care and care are more important to the insured than low-cost health insurance contributions.

Inexpensive and few benefits Only about one in four of those surveyed indicated that a cheap health insurance company would also be successful in the future. A majority (60 percent) stated that they would rather rely on the services and good service of the branch offices in the long term. In addition, a majority indicated that, in their opinion, the number of health insurers would be minimized through mergers. It remains to be seen whether the survey results will still be the same if a large number of health insurance companies make high additional contributions. Only a few of the insured are currently affected. (sb)

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