Clinical staff stole patients for years

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Clinical staff stole patients in Bamberg Hospital for years

For years, a clinician stole patients from the Bamberg hospital. The police assume that the employee has stolen a total of 78 patients. The accused allegedly stole jewelry, valuables and money from the patients' rooms.

Clinic staff robbed a total of 73 patients
The investigative authorities discovered 33-year-old employees of the Bamberg clinic after around two years. Since summer 2008, the perpetrator is said to have searched the patient's room for cash and other valuables in probably 78 cases. According to the police, she stole mainly jewelry and money and mostly took her entire wallet with her. In 15 cases, the perpetrator is said to have even taken the keys from patients' apartments to search the apartments for valuables. In numerous cases, the woman stole several thousand euros while the patients were being cared for in the hospital. "While her unsuspecting victims were in the hospital, the woman was looking for valuables in the apartments," said police spokesman Jürgen Knauer.

Extensive investigations led to the perpetrator
After the thefts in the clinic increased, the criminal police of the Bamberg district opened extensive investigations. Ultimately, a surveillance camera found the perpetrator in a bank branch. She was filmed while trying to collect money from an ATM using a stolen money card. The videos were presented to the public prosecutor. The court obtained a search warrant. The police then searched the suspect's home. Extensive evidence was secured. The woman now has to prepare for a criminal trial and was discharged from the hospital with immediate effect.

Do not leave any valuables in the hospital
In the course of the presentation of the results of the investigation, the police spokesman asked patients not to leave valuables, wallets and house door keys lying around in the hospital. Not only clinic staff but also supposed visitors would search patient rooms again and again. It is best to store all valuables in a safe deposit box during the hospital stay. A police leaflet is designed to help protect patients from theft. (sb)

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