Dorn method: founder Dieter Dorn passed away

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The founder of the Dorn method, Dieter Dorn, died at the age of 72

On January 19, 2011, the founder of the so-called Dorn method, or Dorn method, Dieter Dorn passed away. Dieter Dorn died at the age of 72. About 38 years ago, he founded his method Dorn by intuition, which has spread quite widely in Germany and Austria. The Dorn, who lives in Lautrach in the Allgäu, was not a medical doctor and never passed an alternative practitioner examination. Dieter Dorn was a farmer and sawmill owner.

When he got caught up in 1973 at the age of 35 and got back pain, the farmer Josef Müller helped him with a thumb pressure on the complaint region. As a result, Dorn concluded that gently "straightening" the vertebrae can treat symptoms well and quickly became known in the region. The surgeon and orthopaedist, now practicing in Berlin Thomas Hansen and his wife were successfully treated by Dorn in 1985. Dr. Hansen animated Dorn to seminars and in this way the Dorn method attracted further attention - also of a national nature.

The Dorn method was then spread mainly by naturopaths, who also taught lay people in adult education centers or other training institutions. Most of the courses or individual seminars were offered together with the Breuss massage. The Dorn method is offered to patients mainly by naturopaths, but also by naturopathic doctors.

In addition to Dorn's good approach, which wanted to spread a method of treatment that was easy to learn and practice, even for laypeople, there was also a lot of criticism. One point that also caused criticism in naturopathy was Dorn's fixation on asymmetries and misalignments of the spinal vertebrae, differences in leg length or pelvic obliquity. So much was diagnosed according to the position of the organism and corrected posture in the Dorn treatment. This correction should ensure improved functionality. Manual naturopathic treatments such as osteopathy or the fascia distortion model place less value on the position, but on the expressed symptoms of the patient or on the distribution of tension in the entire organism. From this point of view, many therapists consider the Dorn method to be too dogmatic or reductionistic.

Regardless of this criticism and, of course, criticism from scientific medical circles, the Dorn method is very popular with people who use naturopathic treatments. There is considerable potential for courses and therapists using the Dorn method in the Federal Republic, which in all likelihood will not change even after the death of the founder. (tf)

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