Acupuncture helpful for heart failure

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Study: Acupuncture relieves symptoms of heart failure

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture can improve stress and heart rate variability in patients with heart failure. This is evidenced by a clinical study by the University Hospital in Heidelberg on the subject of "Acupuncture for Heart Failure". Targeted needles of certain acupuncture points steer the nervous system in "quiet channels" and thus inhibit inflammation.

Traditional Chinese medicine is increasingly echoed in conventional medicine. Effort and costs are generally low, but the sphere of influence is all the greater. Health experts have long observed that just a few acupuncture sessions are sufficient to improve the performance of heart failure patients. After the treatments, those affected notice less discomfort during physical activity. Dr. Christian Schmincke, head of the clinic at Steigerwald, general practitioner and TCM expert, knows about the effectiveness of the Far Eastern method: "When used in a targeted manner, acupuncture promises a permanent improvement in symptoms in mild to severe, acute and chronic diseases." After a session with acupuncture needles Most patients feel less exhausted after physical exertion and recover faster. In addition, acupuncture promotes the general well-being of those affected. Extensive Chinese diagnostics before the start of therapy are decisive for the success of treatment. Pulse and tongue diagnosis help to organize the finest body signals and use them for therapy. Experts distinguish around 30 pulse qualities in pulse diagnostics alone. The tongue shows whether and how the body gets rid of “internal waste”. After thorough diagnostics, the individual therapy begins.

Chronic heart failure is one of the most common fatal diseases in Europe. The patients mostly suffer from severe shortness of breath and are quickly tired after physical exertion. (sb)

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