Contributions from the private health insurance are increasing

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In the course of the health care reform, the contributions of the statutory health insurance funds were increased. Almost unnoticed by the public, numerous private health insurance companies (PKV) are increasing their contribution rates. Nevertheless, the industry is on the upswing. Experts assume that around 300,000 people will switch to private health insurance this year.

Since the beginning of the year, numerous providers of private health insurance have announced or have already implemented premium increases. In some cases, the increases are quite insignificant and on average only amount to a few euro cents. However, some providers even raise the contribution rates of their tariffs in the double-digit range. However, insured persons do not have to accept an increase in the private health insurance premium. Not only are full insurances affected, but also benefit insurance, daily sickness benefit insurance, supplementary long-term care insurance and supplementary insurance to the statutory health insurance.

Right of termination makes change possible
If the PKV increases its tariffs, insured persons can exercise their extraordinary right to terminate the contract. This makes it possible to change providers and to take advantage of a possibly cheaper tariff with the same services. However, consumers can only exercise the right of termination within four weeks of. Health economists advocate the active comparison of insurance providers, as this stimulates the market. Unlike in the case of the statutory health insurance companies, the PKV tariffs are not capped by the legislator. Here the market and demand determine the contributions. Competitors in the health insurance market are the only price brake for consumers.

PKV change should be considered carefully
However, a change should always be carefully considered as the consumer advice centers warn. Consumers should compare the health services and tariffs offered by the different providers exactly. Age, current life situation and future plans also play an important role. The deselection of additional services such as treatment by a doctor or one-bed accommodation in clinics could save enormous costs. Therefore, a change should be considered in the long term and a change should not be rushed. Great care must be taken when attracting offers with extremely low contribution rates. Such offers become more expensive at a later point in time and hardly offer any services.

Despite the current premium increases, the industry is expecting a significant increase in new customers. The easing of a change of employees to private health insurance decided in the course of the health care reform will stimulate new customer business, it was said. The insurance industry expects around 30,000 new customers by the end of the year. (sb)

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