Wrong doctor injected anesthetic

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Wrong doctor injected anesthetic and administered medication

Without a license to practice medicine, a 27-year-old high school graduate treated patients in clinics for months. The man also administered syringes with anesthetics without sound medical knowledge. The wrong doctor participated in several emergency operations and looked after patients in at least two clinics.

Wrong doctor treated over 150 patients
According to the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, an incorrect doctor is currently under investigation. The accused is charged without having treated dozens of patients in hospitals through specialist medical training. In order to fake a medical license, the young man falsified a license to practice medicine. With the forged documents, he had applied to different clinics. In fact, the man had success in at least two hospitals. This is how the "wrong doctor" treated in a clinic in Munich and in a hospital in Horb near Stuttgart. From October 2009 to January 2010, the accused treated around 150 patients. Finally, the man was arrested in February 2010. Since then he has been in custody.

Impeccable resume and good application
In the beginning, the fraud was not noticed. The man had applied with the title “Dr. Sascha Schenk ”. The curriculum vitae made an impeccable impression on the clinic management. The deputy managing director of the “Holy Spirit” hospital stated to the press that the documents presented were not objectionable at first glance. It was a very good forgery, and in terms of content there was nothing unusual at first.

The fraud was exposed after a district hospital in Backnang inquired about the man due to orthographic errors in the application letter to the German Medical Association. At the Medical Association, the alleged medical doctor was completely unknown. Afterwards, the hospital management filed a criminal complaint and the vertigo was exposed.

Basic medical knowledge through social year
Since the accused previously spent a voluntary social year (FSJ) at the German Red Cross (DRK) after completing his schooling, he was able to acquire some basic knowledge of medicine. He applied these during the time of his work. The defendant was involved in several emergency and rescue operations. According to a spokesman for the prosecutor, he also injected anesthetics and other medicines. At the beginning of the investigation, there was suspicion that the wrong doctor had to answer for the death of two patients during his missions. However, this initial suspicion could not be maintained.

Wrong doctor confesses almost all actions

In essence, the man has already confessed to his offense. As a motive, he stated that he had financial worries and therefore pretended to be a doctor. The public prosecutor has filed charges for commercial fraud, forgery of documents, dangerous bodily harm and the misuse of titles. The accused now faces a prison sentence of several years. In addition, the man is under investigation because he wrongly stole a fee of 20,000 euros. In addition, he stole a laptop and did not pay some bills for medical equipment.

The main trial will be headed by the 5th criminal division of the Stuttgart Regional Court. It is still unclear when the procedure will open. According to the prosecutor, an appointment still had to be found. Since the defendant already has relevant criminal records, he faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years. A podiatrist from Aschaffenburg also claimed to be a medical doctor. The man was sentenced to a total of 5 years in prison last November. (sb)

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