Nelson Mandela released from the hospital

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Nelson Mandela released from the hospital

Nelson Mandela has left the hospital. After two days of treatment for acute respiratory illness in the clinic, the health status of the former South African president has improved again

The 92-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African president, Nelson Mandela, was able to leave the hospital after successful treatment. After a two-day stay in the clinic, the former leading anti-apartheid fighter in South Africa was brought back to his villa in Johannesburg's Houghton district by ambulance yesterday.

Health condition Mandela's well-kept secret Originally, the ruling party "African National Congress (ANC)", whose long-time leader was Mandela, announced on Thursday that "Nelson Mandela is (...) at the Milpark hospital in Johannesburg, where he is undergoing a routine checkup". As in the past, Mandela's health was reported very slowly. It was only when the treatment was completed that it became known that Madiba, as Mandela is known by the South Africans with his traditional clan name, suffered from acute respiratory disease. The whole country was very concerned about Mandela's hospitalization. Most South Africans worship their former president and fear the worst of a possible deterioration in their health. Crowds of journalists besieged the hospital day and night, and rumors flared up that Mandela was said to be dying.

Mandela treated for acute respiratory illness Now that the 92-year-old's health has improved again and he has been released from the hospital, relatives and the general population are relieved. The information about Mandela's health situation is now public again. Not least because of fear of panic among the population, the ANC, the relatives of Mandela, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the attending doctors have so far been very reluctant to pass on information. After the success of the treatment, the deputy South African President Kgalema Motlanthe at the Johannesburg Milpark Hospital now announced that Mandela was in good condition and in a good mood - he was even joking with his visitors. Nelson Mandela was discharged from the hospital on Friday after two days of successful treatment for acute respiratory disease. Nelson Mandela "reacted very well to the treatment in the hospital," emphasized the chief military doctor Vejaynand Ramlakan. However, the former South African president will continue to receive medical care at home in the coming days and will be "closely monitored", said Ramlakan.

The world worries about Mandela's health When it was announced on Wednesday that Mandela was in the hospital, not only the whole of South Africa had focused on the health of the 92-year-old, but also many supporters internationally worried about the health of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Mandela's struggle against apartheid and racial discrimination, the 27 years in prison he accepted for the struggle and his commitment to a peaceful transition after his release in February 1990 were widely recognized worldwide. Alongside Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Mandela is now considered one of the most outstanding figures in the fight against the global oppression of blacks. But the former South African president has withdrawn from public life more and more in recent years. In his few appearances, he also recently made an extremely weakened impression. However, as a spokesman for the ANC emphasized, Mandela is of course no longer a young man. Accordingly, there is great relief that his state of health has apparently stabilized again. (fp)

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