Homeopathy: Researchers detect nanoparticles

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Homeopathy: Researchers detect nanoparticles

Indian researchers have published findings that nanoparticles were still detectable in homeopathic remedies with high potencies such as C6, C30 and C200.

The researchers led by Jayesh Ramesh Bellare and Shantaram Govind Kane from the Department of Chemical Process Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay examined six homeopathic remedies using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), the type and scope of the substances, and published their results in October 2010 in the specialist magazine "Homeopathy" (formerly British Homeopathic Journal). According to the researchers, detectable nanoparticles with an almost uniform size of 80 to 4000 picograms per milliliter should have appeared from potency level C6. Remarkable: This would mean that there was no further dilution from potency C6. The homeopathic remedies analyzed included copper, tin, gold, platinum, silver and zinc.

Based on their results, the Indian experts developed various theories, including that of the “nanobubbles”. They assume that shaking with a cavitation effect of the agents in homeopathy could play an important role in terms of the persistent concentration for nanoparticles in high potencies.

In the blog of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) the editor-in-chief Claus Fritzsche refers to the hormesis effect as a possible explanation for a pharmacological effect of homeopathic remedies. This means the effect that in substances that are otherwise toxic in the human organism, in smaller quantities, they tend to have a positive effect by stimulating or stimulating it. Hormesis means in Greek: impetus or suggestion. Further development studies should now reproduce the study results of the Indian researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology and further clarify whether these detected particles can have an effect. (tf, 01/28/2011)

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