Collapsed students had no noro virus

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Collapsed students at the Freitaler Gymnasium had no norovirus infection

No virus infection is responsible for the numerous breakdowns of students at the Freital high school. This was the first test result at the hospital in Freital. The students of the grammar school in Freital, Saxony, who had broken down with nausea, abdominal pain and circulatory problems, did not suffer from an infection. The 16 students who had to be hospitalized on Tuesday had no virus or infection, a spokeswoman for the Freital Hospital told the news agency "dapd" on Wednesday.

Presumption of a Noro virus infection apparently wrong On Tuesday, dozens of students at the Weißeritzgymnasium suddenly complained about circulatory problems, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps during physical education. Many had to vomit, 16 had collapsed due to the complaints and had to be hospitalized. The first suspicions were quickly expressed as to what could be the cause of the mass complaints. After air pollution in the new gym built in 2008 - based on air samples taken - was ruled out, a Noro virus infection was suspected. Both the rescue workers and the deputy for school questions in the district, Kati Hille, suspected that the pupils had already been infected with the Noro virus and that the illness subsequently broke out due to the efforts in physical education. However, these considerations turned out to be wrong. The real reasons for the students' complaints remain a mystery.

Collapsed pupils are doing better again According to the clinics, the sixteen collapsed girls and boys are doing better again. During the course of the day, the last students can be released from the hospitals. become. School operations at the Weißeritzgymnasium were resumed one day after the strange mass diseases. According to the district office, the entire building was previously cleaned and disinfected. However, the reasons for the pupils' acute circulatory and stomach problems remain unclear. The causes are still being sought, Karin Kerber, spokeswoman for the Saxon Switzerland Eastern Ore Mountains region, also emphasized. General parallels and possible contacts between those affected are currently being analyzed in more detail, the district spokeswoman said. The first results can probably be presented later today.

Mass diseases can have numerous causes. Such mass diseases can have a number of causes. In addition to possible poisoning, for example due to pollution in food, ambient air or objects with which the affected person is in constant contact, similar phenomena were also observed in France, for example, in 2002 after a hepatitis B vaccination. At that time, according to the critical journal "Vaccine Report", seventeen adolescents with relatively serious symptoms had to be treated in hospital after a hepatitis B vaccination. What exactly led to the complaints among the students in Freital can only be determined through a precise comparison of the parallels between the students. An explanation of the exact causes of the illness of the pupils at the Weißeritzgymnasium in Freital is urgently required, however, in order to avoid similar incidents in the future, so the statement of the district office. The collapses triggered a large-scale deployment of the rescue workers, the high school had to be closed, and teachers and pupils were not allowed to leave the school building for hours. (fp)

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