Naturopathy in cancer therapy

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Naturopathy and spiritual healing in conventional cancer therapy

The Bochum University Clinic also plans to use alternative healing approaches from naturopathy as part of conventional cancer therapy. In addition to chemotherapy, medical interventions and radiation, doctors are not only increasingly focusing on naturopathic approaches, but also increasingly on some forms of "spiritual healing".

Applications of naturopathic medicine and naturopathy are increasingly popular in conventional medicine. In addition to radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, the doctors at Bochum University Hospital want to use more alternative methods in the treatment of cancer.

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Uhl from the University Hospital St. Josef is convinced of the healing effects. He is increasingly focusing on meditations in cancer patients. In some cases, according to Uhl, even difficult-to-treat cancers have been cured in patients. And the chair of the German Medical Association, Professor Jörg-Dietrich Hoppe, is convinced of the effective power of naturopathy. According to Hoppe, a mixture of naturopathy and conventional medicine is ideally suited to visibly improve the chances of the patient being healed. This mixture is also known as a complementary medical approach in specialist circles.

Today, naturopathy is no longer a "principle of belief", but more and more an integral part in the treatment of seriously ill people. Numerous studies have already shown that many alternative treatment methods can increase the chances of recovery. Patients should therefore always take the initiative themselves and ask their doctor or alternative practitioner what additional methods are available in cancer therapy. (sb, 01/28/2011)

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