Union against private long-term care insurance

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Warning of head allowance: The DGB welcomes the decision of the Union not to introduce individual supplementary long-term care insurance. The Federal Minister of Health had campaigned for this.

The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) welcomes the Union's rejection of individual supplementary long-term care insurance and calls for a solidary reform for a uniform long-term care insurance. Annelie Buntenbach, DGB board member, said on Friday in Berlin:
“It would be very welcome if the coalition were to actually bury the nonsensical and anti-social plans for private long-term care insurance. However, we warn against introducing a flat-rate head allowance in long-term care insurance because it is just as unfair as supplementary insurance. We call for uniform long-term care insurance for all employees instead of one-sided burdens.

Long-term care insurance, financed equally by employers and insured persons, is a proven future model. In order to ensure the necessary improvement of care services and at the same time keep the future burdens on contributors within narrow limits, solidarity-based further development of care insurance is essential. We suggest that private long-term care insurance be included in a solidarity-based financial equalization. Private long-term care insurance makes billions in surplus every year because it receives high contributions from the so-called higher-income earners, but has to finance significantly fewer nursing cases. It is an imperative of justice that these surpluses do not end up in the account of private long-term care insurance, but are used to improve care for everyone. ”

Prof. Winkler of the People's Solidarity emphasized: In the interest of good care, increases in contributions are also acceptable. This, however, only on the condition that the financing and benefits of long-term care insurance are made fairer. People's solidarity was not against the introduction of a reserve to cover the burden of long-term care insurance from an aging population
to secure. However, this should be made up of contribution funds under the umbrella of social long-term care insurance.

Due to the demographic change, the Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) had opted for individual supplementary long-term care insurance. Health insured persons should take out private supplementary insurance in addition to regular nursing care insurance. Health insurance companies and associations had criticized this initiative as "anti-social". Instead, a capital stock is to be built that is under the supervision of the health insurance companies. In addition, contributions to long-term care insurance should increase slightly. (pm, sb)

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