Osteopathy: Own profession in sight?

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Osteopathy: Own profession in sight?

The Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists IfK e.V. is opposed to its own profession of osteopathy in a statement. According to the IFK (Association of Freelance Physiotherapists), further training for physiotherapists and doctors in osteopathy is to be expanded and, accordingly, no osteopathy profession is required.

The IFK bases its conclusions on an "extensive international research project", which is said to have shown two years ago that there is no gap in patient care in Germany. From the IFK's point of view, this means that no further osteopath profession is necessary in Germany. To support this argument, the IFK uses the training standards for osteopathy that the World Health Organization (WHO) has formulated. According to the IFK, it has sent a position paper on "osteopathic physiotherapist" to the Federal Ministry of Health and the state health ministers, which should serve as a basis for discussion and largely resembles the WHO advanced training course.

At the moment, experts see the IFK's statement as more of a fear, as an osteopath's own job profile could soon arise in Germany. Private schools that offer advanced training in osteopathy in Germany often cooperate with universities in other countries and offer degrees such as Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Master of Science (Msc) in connection with the study of osteopathy.

In Germany, many physiotherapists go through five years of advanced training in osteopathy. However, since in most cases they are bound by instructions in Germany, they cannot work in first contact. It is easier to acquire the term alternative practitioner through an examination at the health authority. The latter is allowed to offer and carry out osteopathy and manipulations in the first contact.

The question is justified whether it is currently a danger for some physiotherapy associations if many of their members opt for osteopathy training and then choose the path to an alternative practitioner, which stands for non-instructional execution of osteopathy in everyday practice. So far, the state of Hesse has a so-called “WPO Osteo”, a state-defined passage in the field of osteopathy. Thus, the basis of work after the five-year osteopathy training for physiotherapists "the naturopath".

The IFK sees “the inclusion of osteopathy in the physiotherapeutic range of services of statutory health insurance (GKV)” as an important step. This is mostly viewed critically in the osteopathy scene by practitioners and officials. Many fear that this could lead to strong attempts by the health insurance companies in the field of osteopathy to have a say in Germany and endanger the independence of the concept.

As the last message to his profession before his death in 1917, the founder of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), is said to have said: "Keep it pure, boys, keep it pure." them in. "). In the early days of osteopathy, diseases such as diabetes or asthma were also treated. Osteopathy in Germany, which only gained a foothold here from around the 1970s, is now more of a therapy for complaints of the musculoskeletal system such as abdominal pain or neck tension. (tf)

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