Michael Jackson's personal doctor claims innocence

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Michael Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray, accused of negligent homicide, has rejected all allegations and once again testified his innocence in court.

"Your Honor, I am an innocent man," Michael Jackson's personal physician Conrad Murray told the Superior Court in Los Angeles. The doctor is accused of causing the pop star's death by administering a mixture of narcotics and sedatives.

Personal doctor claims his innocence Conrad Murray, charged with negligent killing of the pop star, pleaded "not guilty" to the Superior Court in Los Angeles as part of the charge reading, reports the US news channel "CNN". The trial is scheduled to start on March 28. The 57-year-old cardiologist has so far denied any responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson. However, after a six-day hearing with more than 20 witnesses, judge Michael Pastor had decided in mid-January that the burden of proof against the former personal doctor of the King of Pop was sufficient for an indictment. At the request of the California Medical Association, the court also imposed an immediate professional ban on the heart specialist, which, however, only applies to California.

In other states like Nevada and Texas, Murray is allowed to continue to work as a doctor. More than 20 witnesses were heard at the mid-January hearing, including a medical examiner Murray accusing him of medical errors and breach of due diligence. A pharmacist also said that Murray had ordered large quantities of the anesthetic from him, which is usually only used in operations. In addition, the cardiologist is charged with not alarming the emergency doctor until more than an hour after the apparently fatal injection of the anesthetic propofol. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 from an overdose of the anesthetic. The singer's mother, Katherine Jackson, and brother Randy Jackson were also present at the current Superior Court hearing.

Did tranquillizers and anesthetic injections lead to death? Judge Michael Pastor explained that the trial against Michael Jackson's former personal physician is scheduled to open on March 28, with the selection of the jury to begin on February 7 at a further hearing. This leaves the doctor and his lawyers a few weeks more to prepare for the process. Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff said, however, that his client was also keen to get the process started quickly, as the cardiologist is looking forward to finally “telling his side of the story”. The former personal doctor of the King of Pop admitted that he had given the singer sedatives shortly before his death and then injected the anesthetic propofol, but the dose was far too low to cause the patient to die, said Murray. According to reports by "CNN", the defense had also requested that the main proceedings be started as quickly as possible.

Cardiologist faces imprisonment of up to four years After the jury is selected, the process will take approximately four to six weeks, according to trial observers and prosecutors estimates, and the judge also considered possibly broadcasting the trial live before the superior Court on TV in Los Angeles. If Murray is found guilty of negligent killing of the pop star, the cardiologist faces a prison sentence of up to four years. For the doctor, the death of his patient is extremely unpleasant not only because of the charges. Because his salary as a personal doctor of the King of Pop was supposedly around 150,000 euros per month and he should also look after Jackson during his planned concert series. This would have meant revenue that Murray could have used. Because tax debts allegedly burden the cardiologist and he has been on trial several times for outstanding maintenance payments for his illegitimate children. Not only is the reputational damage that is extremely painful for the medical professional, but the financial losses are also likely to burden him. (fp)

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