Fire in Schwerin clinic

Fire broke out in Schwerin clinic. Clinic staff were able to extinguish the fire independently.

An incident occurred at the Helios Clinic in Schwerin on Saturday. According to the authorities, a fire broke out in the hospital. The hospital has now confirmed that neither patients nor staff have been harmed.

A fire occurred in the Helios Clinic in Schwerin yesterday evening. Although there is a strict smoking ban in all patient rooms, one patient smoked a cigarette despite the ban. The embers fell into bed, causing the hospital bed to catch fire. The fire alarm system now raised the alarm, and the personnel were informed. The employees were able to extinguish the source of the fire independently with the help of a fire extinguisher. As a precaution, a total of 10 patients were evacuated from the department to another ward. According to the clinic management, neither staff nor patients were injured. The patient's secret smoking caused an estimated damage to property of around 5,000 euros. The polluter must now prepare for a criminal complaint. The police have started the investigation. The exact circumstances need to be examined more closely. (sb)

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