Are pharmaceutical companies lubricating Berlin doctors?

The Attorney General's Office confirms an investigation into the pharmaceutical company Oncosachs. The suspicion: professional bribery of doctors.

For a few weeks now, the General Prosecutor's Office has been investigating the Leipzig pharmaceutical manufacturer "Oncosachs". According to media information, a pediatrician in Berlin was offered money if he only ordered pharmaceutical products from the Leipzig company.

Prosecutor's office determined
According to the Attorney General, the judicial authorities have been investigating the pharmaceutical manufacturer Oncosachs for several weeks. The chairman of the special unit "INES" confirmed corresponding official investigations to the news agency "dpa". However, according to prosecutor Wolfgang Schwürzer, the investigative authorities are "still at the beginning". As part of the investigation, several objects from the company, which produces generic medicines, have been searched.

Suspected "professional bribery" by doctors
Already on Saturday, the news magazine "Der Spiegel" reported that the background to the investigation was the suspicion of "commercial bribery" by doctors. According to the magazine, a pediatrician in Berlin received the offer to receive a total of 90,000 euros if he only ordered medicines from the Leipzig company in the future. Specifically, according to the doctor, it is about a special chemotherapy infusion for cancer patients. Compared to the mirror, the doctor had indicated that 50 euros would be offered for each infusion administered to the company. If the doctor treated only 10 patients per day with an infusion, this would be 90,000 euros a year. A pharmaceutical representative from the company submitted the offer to him. According to the doctor, the money flow should be "formal" via so-called registry studies. During the conversation, the pediatrician said to the pharma consultant that the offer does not sound like a study, but after a share in sales.

Oncosachs rejects the allegations The company rejects all allegations. According to media reports, the managing director Uwe Krasselt emphasized that doctors are only rewarded as part of studies. Krasselt does not know the named offer to the doctor from Berlin. Compared to the mirror, the managing director emphasized that all studies are "serious" without exception. So-called bribes were also not paid to doctors. Krasselt suspects a Berlin competitor behind the "attack". The lawyer of the company Frank-Thoralf Hager told the "BZ": "We are examining legal steps against the reporter."

According to Spiegel, there are a number of pharmacies behind the Oncosachs company. These in turn are important contractual partners of the general local health insurance company AOK Berlin-Brandenburg. According to information from the mirror, almost all insured people at the AOK Berlin-Brandenburg are treated with cancer medicines from Oncosachs. (sb)

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