Hartz IV makes people permanently sick

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Hartz IV makes people sick: According to the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the number of permanent sick leave reports for Hartz IV sufferers has risen rapidly.

The sickness rate of Hartz IV recipients has increased by around a third in the past two years. According to the Federal Employment Agency, around 151,600 people were still on sick leave around two and a half years ago. Last year, the average sick leave rose from three to five percent and is now at 242,000 per year (measured developments in August 2010).

According to the BA, around 330,000 people receiving ALG II benefits are considered to have permanent health problems. Instead of psychological and physical stress, the BA cites the reason that the "tougher strategy of promoting and promoting" apparently leads to more sick leave. According to a DGB study published last year, the causes do not lie in a "refusal" attitude of those affected. Rather, permanent unemployment is to blame for the fact that people are increasingly suffering from serious illnesses. "Unemployment becomes a stress of its own kind," said study author Wilhelm Adamy from the IGES Institute. According to the study, Hartz IV recipients suffered primarily from metabolic disorders and cancer. According to the study, mental illnesses such as depression are also increasing steadily. A further scientific evaluation by the University of Leipzig showed that many unemployed people become really apathetic and can hardly cope with their situation. The result: depression, anxiety and social phobias. (sb)

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