Pharmaceutical gifts to doctors

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Pharmaceutical gifts to doctors almost every day

According to a study by the medical association "American Medical College", many doctors do not consider it a problem to accept "pharmaceutical gifts". Although the study results related to the United States, the situation in Germany could be similar to that of Dr. Eckhard Schreiber-Weber of the medical initiative "Mezis" (initiative for incorruptible doctors) recently told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "Although there are no studies on this in Germany, our experience suggests that subjectively perceived social disadvantage plays a role if doctors believe that receiving gifts from the pharmaceutical industry is not a problem." Many doctors apparently see it as "fair participation" in the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

Around 15,000 pharmaceutical officers in Germany
According to estimates, there are around 15,000 pharmaceutical officers in Germany who visit pharmacies, doctors and clinics on a daily basis. Around 20 million visits are made each year. In most cases, no direct offers are made. Instead, doctors from different companies are invited to specialist congresses or invited to dinner. Such visits, for example, also offer to finance regional training. According to the study, the psychological effect is quite simple: the next time you prescribe a drug, many doctors "thank you" for choosing the manufacturer they invite. (sb)

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