Hartz-IV recipients have to pay an additional contribution

Health insurers confirm: Hartz IV recipients have to pay an additional contribution

ALG II recipients will have to pay for additional contributions in the future. By amending the articles of association, the statutory health insurance funds Harzt-IV recipients may in future oblige them to pay the difference between the reimbursements from the health fund and the additional contributions actually collected out of their own pockets.

Statutory health insurance companies can also use Hartz IV recipients to pay additional contributions in the future. In the course of the health care reform, the Federal Government has fundamentally exempted ALG II recipients from paying the additional contributions and provided for a corresponding allocation to the respective health insurance fund from the health fund. However, the health insurance companies only receive the average additional contribution of all health insurance funds determined by the Federal Government, which is currently still at zero euros, since most health insurance companies have so far made no or only minimal additional contributions. In order to enable the health insurers to still receive the full income from the additional contributions, the legislature has left them the option of amending the statutes, with which the health insurers can request the difference between the additional contribution collected and the amounts actually paid from the ALG II recipients.

Health insurance companies request additional contributions by amending the statutes In order to include Hartz IV recipients in the additional contributions, the first six statutory health insurance companies have already decided to amend the statutes accordingly, reports the “Stiftung Warentest”. A spokesman for the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance has confirmed the report, but could not say how many ALG II recipients are affected by the amendments to the articles of association. For Hartz IV recipients, whose health insurance company already collects additional contributions and now demands them from them by amending the articles of association, this can sometimes be a problem that is not so easy to solve. Because a special right of termination and thus the possibility of switching only exists if the additional contributions are raised or increased for the first time. This is the case with most health insurance companies, which are now merely adjusting their statutes, but not the case. Affected ALG-II recipients who missed the change date cannot claim the Job Center to pay the costs according to the judgment of the Freiburg / Breisgau Social Court (file number S 14 AS 3578/10) and must ultimately pay the amounts requested themselves Pay your bag.

Six health insurance companies have already decided to amend the articles of association. Of the nine statutory health insurance companies that require an additional contribution in the first half of 2011, six have already adopted an amendment to the articles of association in order to oblige ALG II recipients to pay the additional contributions. The BKK advita, the BKK Gesundheit, the BKK Publik, the City BKK, the Deutsche BKK and the Ersatzkasse DAK have already confirmed to the “Stiftung Warentest” that their statutes will be adjusted accordingly. Only the members of the KKH alliance, the BKK for health professions and the BKK Phoenix have so far been spared the claim for additional contributions. However, the payment of the additional premiums for the insurances mentioned is not a novelty for ALG II recipients, because until the health reform at the end of last year they usually had to pay them out of their own pocket anyway and could only expect a reimbursement in special hardship cases. (fp)

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