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New fusion of the BKK on site: New health insurance company promises no additional contributions.

After numerous mergers of health insurance companies, another merger is now announced. The "BKK on site" with its headquarters in Bochum plans to merge with the "Dräger & Hanse BKK". Both board members have already approved a merger. While the North German company "Dräger & Hanse BKK" already approved a possible merger on January 1, 2010, the cash register colleagues from Bochum made a positive decision yesterday. The new health insurance companies will then bear the common name "BKK on site".

Fifth largest company health insurance fund is created
As a spokesman confirmed yesterday, one now hopes for timely approval by the Federal Insurance Office. Around 620,000 people are currently insured in the "BKK vor Ort". Around 150,000 people are legally insured in the much smaller “Dräger & Hanse BKK” cash register. The merger creates the fifth largest company health insurance fund in Germany. Important for the insured: Both board members of the company funds have decided not to collect an additional contribution from the paying members neither in 2011 nor in the coming year 2012.

Not the only BKK association on site
The BKK on site, the BKK Energie from Nuremberg and the BKK Westfalen-Lippe had already formed a merger in October last year. According to the BKK, the company currently operates 67 locations with more than 1200 employees. The current estimated budget volume of the fund is around 1.6 billion euros. A closure of the existing branches is currently excluded. "In the course of the merger, no locations will be given up, rather new ones will be added. We are also pleased that all employees will be taken over and that we will be able to offer 1,500 people a safe and good job," said Ludger Hamers, Chairman of the BKK Board of Directors.

Mergers protect health insurance companies from crises
More and more, especially smaller health insurance companies are merging in order to be financially better positioned in the future. A large health insurance company can react much better to unforeseen developments within the membership structure. Better negotiating positions can also be achieved with doctors and pharmaceutical companies due to their size and volume. For example, health insurance companies can also avoid the unpopular additional contributions that ultimately lead to a potential loss of members. (sb)

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