Heart disease: majority regrets unhealthy life

If they could go back in time: 86 percent of people with heart problems would have paid more attention to their health. Given the diagnosis, many regret their unhealthy lifestyle.

The Siemens company health insurance company SBK asked their insured patients about their lives with a sick heart. The result was that only 14.4 percent would have changed anything in their lifestyle if they had known in advance that they would get sick in their hearts. Prevention and a healthy lifestyle - often preached, but in everyday life the inner bastard is not always so easy to overcome. Only afterwards do many say to themselves: If I had only lived differently, I would be better now. This is the result of a survey among insured persons from the SBK.

Those affected would have changed their lives especially in the following areas: They would have reduced stress and looked for a better work-life balance (49.8 percent), would have gone to the doctor (44.3 percent), would have been eating healthier (42.8 percent) and not smoked (42.3 percent).

Only when they were diagnosed did most startle and change their lifestyle: 87.6 percent of those surveyed stated that they had actually changed something. About half of the participants (51.2 percent) said they changed their diet after the diagnosis. From then on, more than two thirds (71.1 percent) moved regularly - while only 26.9 percent were constantly exercising. The movement was and is integrated much more into everyday life. From then on, 92.5 percent took their medication regularly and since then have strictly followed their doctor's instructions. (Preventive) examinations are always carried out by 88.5 percent of those surveyed. Over half (52.7 percent) of those affected also make sure that they have less stress in everyday life - but only 19.9 percent are enthusiastic about supporting stress relief through regular relaxation exercises. Again, smoking was an important factor. 42.3 percent of respondents quit after learning about their heart disease. For the analysis, the SBK interviewed 750 of its insured who are enrolled in the SBK MedPlus KHK treatment program due to coronary heart disease or chronic heart failure. The focus of the survey was the lifestyle change in heart disease. (pm)

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