Patient flies out of the clinic with bed

Patient flies out of the clinic with the bed: A hospital in Wolfenbüttel sets a patient out with the help of the police.

Usually patients are happy when they can leave the hospital. However, a patient in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, apparently liked the stay in the clinic so well that he did not want to leave the hospital even after the treatment had been completed.

The 56-year-old patient did not want to leave the hospital in Wolfenbüttel on the scheduled discharge date despite the completed treatment. The clinic then switched on the police, who brought the retiring patient out of the hospital with his bed and then drove him home in the patrol car.

Clinic staff calls police for help Ultimately, the staff at the Wolfenbüttel Clinic couldn't think of any other solution to get the stubborn patient to leave the hospital - they called the police. But the man was also resistant to the diplomatic efforts and the persuasive persuasion of the police officers. Despite repeated warnings and a threatened ban, he refused to leave his bed. The fact that the 56-year-old was also alcoholized, as noted in the police report, probably had a not inconsiderable influence on his defiant behavior and made the work of the officials more difficult. In the end, they decided to simply drive the retired patient out of the clinic in bed and then loaded him into the patrol car outside the door. On the subsequent journey with the extraordinary taxi service back to his apartment, the drunk man finally calmed down, according to the police. However, the 56-year-old is now blooming the police bill of around 70 euros for the special driving service in the patrol car. (fp)

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