Hartz IV revoke sanction against pregnant women

Hartz IV: Job center withdraws sanction against pregnant women after urgent application to the social court

The Job Center Braunschweig has withdrawn the 100 percent Hartz IV benefit reduction of a pregnant woman with immediate effect. With the help of a lawyer, the person concerned had filed an urgent complaint with the responsible social court. The social court advised the authority to withdraw the sanctions, since the creation of the one-euro job was already illegal. The job center then gave in and discarded the reduction in benefits. We reported.

The massive reduction in benefits to a pregnant woman from Braunschweig to zero euros had sparked protests in numerous publications and internet blogs. The job center had sanctioned the Hartz IV standard benefits for three months to zero euros because the affected woman refused to take up a one-euro job due to her pregnancy and a generally poor health. However, the authority saw no sufficient reason not to start the measure. In a letter to the woman, the officials expressed the view that “reducing the sanction period” was out of the question because there would be a general interest in implementing the sanctions. In their distress, the person concerned turned to the unemployed forum Germany, where legal assistance was immediately provided.

The woman was relieved of the initiative. In the past few days, she had “felt like a criminal” because of the sanction. The past few days would also have been a heavy burden. The unemployment forum pointed out that lawsuits against sanctions are often successful. Martin Behrsing said: "If we take legal action against sanctions, the sanctions are almost always withdrawn," said Martin Behrsing, spokesman for the unemployed group. Politicians asked Behrsing to finally lift the sanctions against Hartz IV recipients. (sb)

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