Lidl calls back peppers: skin irritation threatens

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Lidl calls Paprika Mix back: proven excesses of the toxicological maximum amount of a growth regulator threaten irritation of the mucous membranes and skin irritation. Other supermarkets could also be affected.

The supermarket chain Lidl is calling on consumers not to consume an already purchased variety of paprika called "Spanish paprika mix" and to return it to a branch instead. High stresses of the growth regulator "Ethephon" were found in the vegetables.

Recall campaign for the Spanish paprika mix The discounter chain "Lidl" is calling on consumers not to eat the "Spanish paprika mix" (lot number L-01-05 TUTW) from the supermarkets in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony and instead against a refund of the purchase price return. As the company announced on Saturday, it is the product that was sold between January 10 and 13, 2011. High values ​​of the growth regulator "Ethephon" were detected in the bell pepper mix (consisting of red and yellow bell pepper varieties). Ethephon (2-chloroethyl-phosphonic acid) is a plant growth regulator that is used to control biological processes. Among other things, fruits and vegetables ripen faster with the addition of the pesticide. Ethephon penetrates the plant tissue and disintegrates during a separation process. If the toxicological maximum amount in fruits and vegetables is exceeded, there is a risk of harmful effects such as skin irritation and irritation of the mucous membranes. If the plant remedy is consumed in large quantities, it acts as a nerve poison. In recent years it has been observed that numerous agricultural companies are increasingly using the growth regulator. Since then, consumer advocates have carried out regular checks to check whether the maximum levels in fruit and vegetables have been exceeded.

Other supermarkets and federal states could also be affected The Ministry of Consumer Protection in Baden-Württemberg said that it cannot be ruled out that the Spanish pepper mix variety was not only sold at Lidl, but also through other chains. Furthermore, consumer advocates cannot rule out that the contaminated vegetables have also been sold outside the state. For this reason, an official investigation has already been launched. The first results of food monitoring could be available in a week.

The Lidl company emphasized on Saturday that the pepper variety in question had already been taken out of sale. All currently sold pepper mixes and varieties are not affected by the recall. According to the company, there are currently no suspicious goods on sale. One reacted immediately in the sense of "preventive consumer protection". Those who still have the named goods at home should not consume them under any circumstances, but bring the peppers back. The purchase price will be refunded without exception. (sb)

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